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Advantages and features of search engine marketing (SEM)

Now that loads of people are aware of the daily uproar in the number of people using the internet, there’s growth in the number of businesses investing in search engine marketing. Today, your own website can be the main tool to advertise your business on the Internet. We can say that the site is the face of the company. The result of the network presence depends on its attractive appearance and convenience. It is not easy to develop and maintain a site (although it’s not rocket science), it requires regular technical support and promotion. 

This is especially needed for niches with a narrow specialization, the frequency of search queries does not exceed several hundred per month. Therefore, rising to the top positions in Google is simply necessary to ensure traffic to the site. After all, if there are no conversions to your site – it will not generate revenue.

It is very important to provide targeted traffic, i.e visitors are ready to buy.


  1. Relatively cheap cost
    The main advantage of search engine marketing – attracting visitors to the site is much cheaper, unlike other methods of promotion such as media and contextual advertising. Although promotion in the field of high competition may not be cheap, because it will be a full range of work to promote the site. But, nevertheless, this method of promotion is suitable for almost any business and the impact is not inferior to the results of expensive advertising campaigns.
  2. Quality of Attracted Visitors
    Relevant keywords on your site will attract only the interested target audience, ready to buy. If the resource is convenient and contains detailed information about products and services with quality photos, reviews, video reviews, the conversion rate will be high.
  3. The wide target audience
    Google is the most visited search engine in most parts of the world, so the level of public confidence in the results of its search results is very high, in contrast to obsessive advertising. The potential buyer will not feel as if he was forced to choose, because he himself entered the request and received answers.
  4. Duration of the effect
    Even if the promotion work is stopped, the site will hold its position for some time. But this does not mean that you can refuse services at all. You need to regularly monitor the positions and audit the content and technical component, and if necessary, optimize the site.

At search advancement, our experts carry out a complex of works both with internal and external factors. Code optimization, creating quality content, optimizing the structure of the site – that’s what affects the positive results and sales growth.

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  1. Dependence on search engines
    Promotion in search engines depends on the search engines themselves, changes in their algorithms, filters, etc. New factors are constantly appearing that affect the ranking of sites, which can reduce the effect of optimization work. Currently, there are 3 main groups of factors – external links, content, user behavior on the site. Links to your site should be only from quality, trusted, and thematic resources. Content must also be high quality – unique and useful texts, lots of photos, video reviews. As for the behavior of users on the site, it takes into account the time spent on the pages of the site, the number of page views, viewing depth, bounce rate, return.
  2. Rapid growth of competition
    You should never forget about competitors because they are also engaged in promotion and marketing. Therefore, you need to promote regularly.
  3. Uncertainty of the budget
    It is impossible to calculate exactly how much money will be needed to raise your site in the TOP.

But despite all the nuances, SEM is a powerful and effective method of advertising. And it will suit you if you care about the high quality and performance of your site.
We told you about all the nuances you need to know before ordering a site promotion service in our agency. You can analyze all the pros and cons, and choose the right method of promotion, you may be more suitable with contextual advertising. Remember, high performance can only be achieved using a full range of online promotion services.