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Discover what Google likes on a website

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. Today, it processes more than 5.5 billion requests a day or 167 billion a month, that’s about 2 trillion requests a year!
In order for your site to occupy a high position in search engine rankings, you need to know the current ranking algorithms, because they are constantly evolving and becoming more complex.
In this article, we will talk about the main features of site promotion in Google. Consider what properties your website must have to be effective.


1. Google loves fast sites

Sites must be constantly evolving and supplemented with new functionality and modules. But this only increases the weight of the page, and hence the speed of its loading.

Visitors to the site do not like to wait long for the page to load and can leave it in search of a faster resource.

This has a negative effect not only on conversions, but also on behavioral factors, and hence on search positions.
Hosting also affects the speed of websites. Therefore, be very careful about his choice.
You can check the loading speed of the site pages using a special service Google PageSpeed ​​Insights.

2. Google loves adaptive sites

As mobile views grow, search engines prefer mobile-adapted sites. Especially after the launch of the Mobile-First Index indexing model, which provides for the ranking of sites based on the mobile version of the site.
You can check the mobile adaptation of the site pages using the Google Mobile-Friendly Test service.

3. Google loves secure sites

The search engine ranks higher sites that use secure HTTPS. The presence of this protocol is especially important for sites that use the personal information of users (online stores, bank sites, etc.). You can check the availability of an SSL certificate and the correctness of its installation using various online services.

4. Google loves sites for people (convenient and with quality content)

The period of purchase links is coming to an end. Good positions in the issue will provide the site’s focus on people, ie ease of use, useful content, extensive functionality, etc.

5. Google loves sites with good behavioral factors

The longer visitors stay on the site, the lower the bounce rate. The search engine especially likes large articles and reviews with links to other similar articles on the same site. The depth of page views indicates the interest of visitors.
No less important is the interactivity of the site, which helps users easily go through all the stages of buying a product/service. You can also use email newsletters to return users to the site, enticing them with individual offers and promotions.

6. Google loves sites that are updated regularly

The search engine prefers sites to which new content, functionality, modules, etc. are constantly added. So he understands that the site is engaged and developed. This applies to all types of sites (online stores, blogs, forums, portals, etc.). Google also likes the presence of a comments module, where you can leave your feedback or ask questions.

7. Google loves sites without technical errors

There are technical aspects of site promotion: no duplicate pages, correctly configured redirects, server responses, correctly composed robots.txt file, the presence of a Sitemap.xml site map, etc.

8. Google loves sites with positive reviews

The search engine sees all the reviews about your company online (on specialized review sites, forums, social networks, etc.). To improve your reputation, you need to work on getting positive feedback. We also recommend making a special page on the site for customer feedback. This will be useful not only for search engines but also for the visitors themselves.

9. Google loves sites with correctly filled headers and meta tags

Make sure each page is filled with headings and meta tags. They should contain key phrases and words.

10. Google loves sites with competent internal relinking

The search engine ranks high sites with quality internal linking. A clear example of this is the Wikipedia site.

11. Google loves sites with lots of quality images

In addition to quality texts, try to use as many thematic images as possible. They also need to be properly optimized: compress, write Title, and Alt-text (including keywords).

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12. Google loves sites with developed representations in social networks

Now users spend a lot of time on social networks and make purchases there, so any company should have its own page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. Publish interesting content, offer discounts, raffles. This will leave indifferent neither visitors nor Google.

13. Google loves quoted sites

A good and natural profile of links (from quality thematic resources) is also an important ranking factor. If your site is cited by many other resources, then you are popular and your products/services deserve attention.


If you take into account all the above methods of promotion, your site will occupy a high position. Also, don’t forget about Google filters, so your promotion strategy should rule out any chance of being sanctioned by search engines.