Car Dealership Redesigned

Well, simply put, we created a custom solution for them to be able to clearly communicate their unique value proposition and to really sell through their website.



Otomoto Nigeria


Web Development & Identity




Otomoto Nigeria is truly a different type of used car dealership. The problem was that you couldn’t see this anywhere on their site. Like most car dealerships, they had a crappy out-of-the-box auto site powered by the car database that almost every used car dealership uses. Otomoto Nigeria was stuck with a generic out-of-the-box site. They were tied down by the limitations of the technology running their car database and unable to customize their experience to differentiate themselves from any other car dealership online. And the vast majority of their leads game through their website…so you could say it’s a pretty important channel for them.

This new site has allowed them to push the envelope for selling cars online and do a larger percentage of the sales process on their website, freeing up their salespeople’s time for doing the final close on heavily qualified leads and focusing on sourcing more great cars for their inventory. And quite successfully too. Not only has their new site launch led to increased sales month over month, but also an increase in the number of cars they’ve been able to give away! We’d like to take all the credit, but the website was not magic. It’s now simply doing its job in providing heavily qualified leads and automating the business to free up Otomoto Nigeria to do what it does best: love cars and love people

The Result

We gave The Children Inspiration all-around good marks for its crystal-clear need messages, compelling use of images, well-defined calls to action, and engaging videos. Downloadable action posters help create grassroots engagement, while prominent social sharing links help create a community of awareness beyond the website, and also Paypal donation payment gateway.





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