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The Children Inspiration focus on disadvantaged children and young people from poorer families and those with disabilities. Our purpose is to serve, support these children who are not privileged to attend children's activities or short breaks/holidays as they grow older. Approach Silahub technologies f0r a website to expand its global reach



Children Inspiraton


Web Development & Identity




For each nonprofit website reviewed, we focus on how well it satisfies 5 critical questions audiences often ask themselves when engaging with a nonprofit: What’s the need or problem they address? What are they doing about it? How effective are they? Why do they need my help? What will they do with my money/time/effort?

Design. Design sets the tone for the brand, establishing credibility and reinforcing trust in an eye’s glance. The best nonprofit websites are clear, easy to use, and most important encourage users to explore.

Messaging. Effective content strategy delivers the message from the audience’s point of view, clearly and concisely, bringing key messages to the forefront.

Engagement. Propelling audiences to action is, of course essential. The best nonprofit websites offer users clear ways to get involved—and persuasive reasons to do so.

Imagery. Photography is essential to emotionally connect audiences to nonprofit causes, putting people in the middle of the action; information graphics and data visualization help make complex concepts simple.

The Result

We gave The Children Inspiration all-around good marks for its crystal-clear need messages, compelling use of images, well-defined calls to action, and engaging videos. Downloadable action posters help create grassroots engagement, while prominent social sharing links help create a community of awareness beyond the website, and also Paypal donation payment gateway.





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