SEO! The coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of people around the world and all areas of business. Borders were closed, people began to work remotely from home, mass events, and classes in educational institutions were banned, entertainment centers (cinemas, restaurants, cafes, etc.) were closed. And that’s not all. The biggest problems were faced with medicine and tourism. Many business owners doubt whether they will be able to “stay afloat” and survive at all. Businesses raise money and change strategies. Everyone is preparing for the worst.

During a coronavirus pandemic, you should not stop advancing and focus on holding positions.

Of course, many will not be able to grow their business in such conditions. And for some, it will be enough to limit the only part of the costs. But you shouldn’t give up promotion completely!


The pandemic will end sooner or later, and SEO is working for the long term, ie the results will be visible in a few months. If you start to panic – you will lose traffic and positions!

SEO will never stop making a profit!

Search engine promotion and contextual advertising reach the user just when he/she is looking for a particular product/service. Therefore, the result of search engine promotion will be direct sales.

If your sales level falls during a pandemic, the losses are offset by having an open business and investing in the future.

Now people are looking for all products/services on the Internet

Today there is a shortage of some products, and soon it will be increasingly difficult or impossible to find them. Many factories (especially in China the powerhouse of production) have stopped production or limited it.

Now you just do not go to the store and do not buy your favorite clothes or shoes, because all the shops and markets are closed. And what to do in such a situation? The only way out is to search and buy online.

Because people are isolated, they no longer need goods and services. Eventually, people will get tired of endlessly watching movies or reading news about the coronavirus, and they will start looking for signs of normalcy. They will want to raise their level of optimism and believe in the future, they will want to decorate their everyday life or home, etc. It is well known that for many women consumers, the best cure for depression is shopping, and for men, bookmakers. Bookmakers betting on the coronavirus. 

That’s why you should not “fly” from the search results. Despite the global panic, the world did not stop because of the virus! People will always need goods and services!

Pandemic and quarantine compartment of many competitors

In a “slow” economy in many areas, there is less competition. Many companies have closed or reduced their marketing activities. This will cause their competitors to spin faster in search.

The pandemic will pass and everything will return to normal, and you must be prepared for this!

Sooner or later everything will pass and life will return to normal, and SEO will remain one of the most effective methods of attracting customers. Those who are currently working on promoting the site – will be ready to increase activity and get the maximum result when it’s over. In addition, the effect of optimization will not be visible immediately, but it is stable, ie lasts a long time. This will be a “lifeline” for the business, through which he will be able to survive difficult times and “get on his feet” in the future. Therefore, we recommend starting or continuing active marketing activities!

As can be seen from the graphs, no significant changes have taken place yet. People keep looking for and buying goods/services online!