Chatbots & Voice Skills Language is key

Silahub Chatbots is the next level of digital communication: Chatbots and voice skills are your chance for a pioneering role in customer care. With these future-oriented technologies, you establish your company permanently and barrier-free in the everyday world of your customers.

Increase your lead generation.

Chatbot interaction increases the likelihood of conversion.

Outperform any webform

Using our intelligent chatbot templates, you can obtain important information such as your name, email address, and phone number.

Better conversion on all

a significantly higher ROI on every dollar spent on advertising or SEO

Connect with visitors Immediately 24/7

Even when your sales team is sleeping, you can still get leads, bookings, and sales. There is no need for human intervention.

The virtual account manager

Communication is getting faster and faster; e-mails are becoming push messages. This development poses new challenges for the customer service of companies. If you want to bind customers to your company, you have to be present at all times. Chatbots are absolutely future-oriented for 24/7 customer dialogue and are convinced with relevant keywords and artificial intelligence. From conception to implementation and evaluation, we ensure that the discussion situation is as realistic as possible.

More than an answer machine

Chatbots are conversational systems that identify and reply to incoming messages in the same way that humans do. Apps such as messengers, websites, and social media are all possible applications. Digital interaction is suitable for both regular customer service and organizational procedures such as sales. We collaborate with businesses to create a chatbot that is both pleasant and amusing to customers. At the same time, whether it’s customer satisfaction, brand exposure, or sales, we never lose sight of the aim.

We are teachers and educators of the bot

We teach the chatbot the relevant keywords and develop a storyline that allows customers to ask questions and make decisions. In this way, the customer’s journey is served excellently. The spectrum ranges from mere customer service to authentic, dramaturgically well-placed storytelling. On request, we can integrate artificial intelligence, which we train extensively, to make the dialogue more dynamic. We stimulate the customer’s thirst for knowledge and their need for more. Continuous monitoring ensures the ongoing development of the storyline so that the chatbot becomes a constant point of customer contact.

The language is the key

Voice assistants, such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, captivate people and make their lives easier. They open up new possibilities not only in the private realm but also in the business realm; companies can stand out from the crowd with their own unique voice skills, break new ground as pioneers, and thus impress their target audience in the long run. We train our customers’ voices so that they always sound correct.

Engaging Chatbots Increase Leads and Conversions Chatbots and conversational marketing can help your business grow. Chatbots have been shown to improve both user engagement and conversion rates. Silahub makes it simple to get started. Simply add one line of code to your website, and your bot will begin interacting with your visitors. Silahub can also be used on your Facebook Business page with just a few clicks.

Pioneering communication

Interacting with voice assistants is more natural and intuitive than previous input methods. It is hands-and-eyes-free and therefore safer and more comfortable. Although the development is still in its infancy, the recognition through natural language understanding, the independent learning of speech recognition, is constantly being improved. A powerful system is already available today that inspires customers and makes their everyday lives easier.

Silahub chatbots automation

Unlimited possibilities

We develop skills and actions for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The technical implementation options include, for example, custom skills and flash briefings, which we are happy to connect to existing interfaces. Custom skills are specially designed language functions; flash briefings are a kind of news flash that the user can output and are integrated into the company’s news. This results in almost unlimited possibilities, ranging from FAQs to daily news to the booking process.

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