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We use the entire digital toolbox to reach, engage, and move people. We are all too familiar with the capabilities of social networks—but social media can be so much more with our community Management.

Silahub Community management

Community management is always with an open ear.

Only by engagement with the community will social media live up to its name. Building long-lasting relationships will be difficult for a brand that doesn’t value open communication. You need to be sensitive to your audience and grasp your community. It is sometimes simpler to say than to do. However, it is why we are here.

In constant exchange

We always keep an eye on your channels and respond promptly to comments and messages-not just in your name, but in your very own language. Regardless of the channel, we encourage discussion, intervene when something goes too far, and assist with questions and problems.

Community management is always with an open ear.
Silahub content strategy

You have it in your hand

Of course, everything happens strictly according to your specifications and in accordance with your internal workflows. We keep you up-to-date on our work and consult you whenever we reach our limits. For the user, however, the entire communication appears to be in one piece. If an emergency does occur, we help smooth the waves with professional escalation management.

Live and in colour

Reporting on events, trade shows, and campaigns is one component of our work. For those who stayed at home, we streamed the events live on Facebook Live or Periscope, and we constantly published posts with observations, quotes, and images. This greatly expands the audience for your event. However, our own channels are only one half of the equation; we also encourage other users to share event details and create specialised hashtags on social media.

we see community management and content creation as closely related disciplines

All from a single source

Of course, we see community management and content creation as closely related disciplines—one doesn’t work without the other. Based on a well-thought-out social media strategy, impulses are set right from the start in order to create a positive and active community that supports the brand.

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