Ideas that make an impact: Campaign design

Well courted

We are confronted with advertising around the clock, but we hardly notice most of it anymore. It’s not easy if you want to leave a lasting impression. With recipes from the day before, it is not at all possible. Successful marketing needs strong messages and new ideas, and it has to take consumers and their needs seriously.

See and be seen

We are convinced that the digital world opens new doors and can give brands real relevance in the lives of their customers. As a social media agency, we believe in the power of networking and in brands with a profile—this is also reflected in the advertising campaigns we devise.

With head and stomach

We don’t simply scrape the surface when producing campaigns; we thoroughly research the brand and target audience. Strategic brand planning forms the basis on which we let our creativity run free in the tireless search for the brilliant idea.

Any means is fine with us

Naturally, our preference for social media accompanies us in campaigns of all kinds, as this core competence is particularly valued by our customers. Apart from that, we don’t think in terms of disciplines. Video spots and photo shoots are just as much a part of our work as microsites and interactive web applications.

To go beyond the scope

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the boundaries between the virtual and real worlds blur here and there in our work. Finally, our customers appreciate our expertise in water-bomb tennis. What counts is measurable success and goals achieved. To ensure that they come about, we combine strategic insights, powerful creative ideas, and implementation skills.

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