Advice Texts

Get expert status with knowledgeable and helpful content. Website visitors will find your advice texts because they target specific problems and offer solutions and tips.

We will show you how you can increase traffic and win customers with high-quality advice text.

The variety of products on the web is huge, but also too confusing for many. The users have many questions buzzing around in their heads, and also one or more problems. With the right answers and solutions, you can convince users of the competence of your company. Packed in a high-quality, informative, and readable guide text, the information you are looking for reaches the user directly.

Provide interesting advice, informative content, and added value to your existing customers and potential new customers. Do you need help creating your guide texts? The experienced team of authors at Silahub Technologies is available to advise you on all questions and to support you in writing advice texts.

Why Silahub Technologies is your ideal contact for text advice

Entrust Silahub Technologies with the creation of high-quality advice texts that are fun and benefit from the know-how, eloquence, and many years of experience of our permanent editors.

What distinguishes us as the ideal text agency?

  • We research the biggest problems or questions that arise in connection with your products and that are searched for particularly frequently.
  • Our advice texts not only inspire your readers and customers but also the search engines.

Would you like to pass on your skills to your customers with high-quality advice texts?

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Why advice texts are important?

With the help of guide texts, various topics can be prepared in an understandable manner. In the event of complicated purchase decisions and uncertainties, they provide practical assistance to those who are undecided. Searchers who receive the desired information with your guide text and no longer feel insecure often decide to make use of the services of your company. Advisory texts can be found in almost every industry and can be offered for various questions. Here are some examples of how advice texts might be used:

  • Fashion Guide (Which jeans fit and suit me?)
  • A Buying Guide for Specially Selected Products (Which laptop is right for me?)
  • Tutorials/user guides for specific products (How do I install this software correctly?)
  • DIY instructions for do-it-yourselfers (What do I have to consider when painting?)
  • Practical tips for cooking and baking (which baking pan do I need for which cake?)

With a good guided text, you turn the reader into a specialist. After reading the text, the user not only knows which products and services meet his requirements and suit him, but he also knows where to find them.

The advantages of advice texts are obvious:

  • The reader feels well informed and ideally recommends the site to others.
  • Search engine-optimized texts increase the visibility of the site for certain search queries and generate more traffic.
  • You can build trust with your visitors and strengthen your relationship with your customers by using text.
  • In addition, you strengthen the image of your company with the texts and demonstrate competence.

requirements that good advice texts should meet

Advisory texts are to be formulated neutrally. No opinions may be forced on the user. They are not intended to prompt the reader directly to make a purchase but to provide competent and helpful advice. It is therefore not recommended to refer to specific products or manufacturers in the text. What other characteristics should good advice texts have?

  • The topic of the guide should be clearly stated in the title.
  • Depending on the topic, the texts contain expert tips, interviews, and direct quotations.
  • Advisory texts are written in a simple and understandable way. The use of foreign words and complicated boxed sentences should be avoided as much as possible.
  • The guide meets important SEO criteria so that it is listed in the SERPs for corresponding search queries.
  • The guide text is clearly structured and divided into several meaningful sections with appropriate subheadings.
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