Category Texts

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Have category texts created by professionals

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  • We provide your customers and visitors with added value because our texts not only contain general information, but also specific product examples, possible applications, and practical tips.
  • Our texts are both search engine-optimized and reader-friendly.
  • We provide your customers with the information they need.
  • The texts are optimized for search-relevant keywords and, according to AI (our SEO specialists will also be happy to carry out the necessary keyword research),
  • The wording depends on your website, corporate philosophy, and the relevant target group.

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What is category text?

Category text can be used to describe products or services within a category in more detail. Users quickly get an overview of the current offers and can use the information provided in the text to select the right product.

Advantages of category descriptions:

  • High-quality, search-engine-optimized category texts help you to get more traffic.
  • Important keywords for your site can be placed in a textual environment and thus better read by the search engines.
  • With the texts, you can show the diversity of the respective category, inform your visitors in a targeted manner, and encourage them to continue clicking.

What should good category descriptions look like?

A good category text should contain topic- and search engine-relevant keywords and synonyms. It is also very important to go into more detail about the respective products that are grouped together in the category. What is special about the products? Why should one buy them from you? When creating the texts, the focus should not only be on the requirements of the search engines, but also on the wishes of the users.

Many category descriptions are superficial and general and offer no added value to the reader. Although the goal is to use the category texts to attract potential customers to the site, the texts should also contain important information that is worth reading and should be helpful and useful for the readers. Varied, entertaining, and helpful category texts can ensure that the user stays on your site and may decide to make a purchase.

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