Product Descriptions

Avoid duplicate content with unique product descriptions from our editorial team. Short descriptions of each product explain all aspects of the item and send positive signals for Google ranking.

Increase your traffic, visits, conversions, and profits with the right product description.

The competition online is huge. Shop operators and service providers in particular have to assert themselves against competitors on a daily basis. The decision to buy is often made within a few seconds. With many products, the user compares the offers of several shops before making a purchase decision. The cheaper price is not always the deciding factor for the user. As in the brick-and-mortar business, the customer also wants to feel well taken care of and advised online. He wants detailed information and competent advice.

With meaningful, informative product descriptions, you have the opportunity to convert website visitors into customers. Product descriptions differ from product descriptions. Have the product texts for your website created by professionals! The experienced editors at Silahub Technologies know what is important for a good product description.

Have high-quality product descriptions created

Silahub Technologies is the ideal contact for you if you need high-quality, readable, original, unique, and SEO-optimized product texts for your site. Our in-house editors create professional product descriptions for you that:

  • Focus on your target audience
  • Are search engines optimized?
  • Arouse curiosity about the product
  • Give an incentive to buy

Do you want to stand out from your competitors with high-quality product descriptions?

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What a Good Product Description Can Do

Potential buyers who know what they want are usually looking for specific information. Those who are undecided, on the other hand, need help to find the right product. A good product description meets the requirements of both user types. It provides relevant information and answers as many questions as possible. But a good product description can do much more than just encourage purchases. With a comprehensive and informative product description, you can:

  • Minimize queries
  • Reduce complaints/returns
  • Quote higher selling prices.
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Strengthen customer loyalty

What should high-quality product texts look like?

The aim of a product description is to arouse the interest of the customer, to convince him of the product or the service offered, and to inspire him. If the customer feels that you are in good hands and that you are in good hands, they may order one or the other product at the same time or visit your shop another time. In order for the product description to appeal to the potential buyer, it should:

Provide all important information briefly, concisely, and clearly. The customer must be able to find the essential information at first glance. More detailed descriptions should be incorporated in the lower part of the text. 

Emphasize the special features of the product: What is the USP of the product? What are the benefits for the customer? 

Consider the interests of the customers: Which product information is important for which target group? 

Be comprehensive, understandable, and clearly worded. 

written objectively and, depending on the product and target group, also entertaining.

However, well-written product texts will not bring hoped-for success if nobody reads them or pays attention to them. Therefore, when creating product descriptions, appropriate SEO criteria such as the integration of search-relevant keywords and meaningful headlines should be taken into account.

Unique content is the be-all and end-all—also for product descriptions.

In order to save time and money, many shop owners do without individual product texts and instead use the respective product descriptions of the manufacturers for their websites. This duplicate content is a thorn on the side of search engines. It brings no added value to the searcher and is usually penalized with poorer rankings. In order to provide users and search engines alike with information worth reading that offers added value, you should always provide your own unique product texts on your site.

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