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Email Marketing helps you connect with your audience to promote your brand and increase sales. You can do a lot of things with emails, like sell products, share content, and invite customers to events.

email marketing

Why Email Marketing?

E-mail is an indispensable means of reaching customers, prospects and service providers in a targeted manner. Newsletters offer a wide range of possible uses, from information and customer loyalty to benefit communication and sales emails.

Your advantages:

Reach your customers  directly  via newsletter

Find out more about the interests of your customers

Email marketing is significantly more cost-effective  than other forms of marketing

We create effective mailings that reach the target group

Individual newsletters  including evaluation and success control

What do we offer?

Personal contact in the field of email marketing

Individual advice  on your campaigns

Planning, design and dispatch  or  support and advice for  your newsletter

Evaluation  of the email campaigns

Editorial and dispatch planning for  your newsletter

Content cooperation  with other involved areas such as e.g. content, social media

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“Email marketing is the most efficient and effective way to reach your target audience. With our tools and resources, you can create stunning email campaigns that will capture your customers’ attention and generate results.”

Matthew Sunday

Our email marketing services at a glance

Analysis of existing newsletters

We would be happy to check your existing newsletters and give you tips on what you can do better. You will receive a graphical analysis that addresses content, structure, elements, wording and graphics. We are also happy to analyze newsletters from your company before they are sent out – so you can already implement the improvements in the next campaign.

Editorial planning for email marketing

When you should send which content and how often, you can read all this from our editorial plan. We plan the e-mail marketing for you with regard to important events and topics from your company, seasonal events and strategic orientation. Each editorial plan is always flexible enough to react to spontaneous events.

Design and writing of newsletters

The right choice of text and images is also important in e-mail marketing. We design your newsletter, mailings and notifications to suit your corporate design, the reason for the mailing and the target group. When designing, we also pay attention to a responsive design – for your readers on the phone and tablet.

Evaluate and adjust campaigns

Sent email campaigns say a lot. How does the target group react? Was it the right design? shipping time? What content got the most clicks? Which ones need more emphasis? We analyze opening, click and unsubscribe numbers and, if necessary, the conversions achieved.

Segmentation and personalization of letters

In addition to targeted content and personalized addressing, we also segment your recipients for you. In this way, we insert suitable letters into the mailboxes for the target group – a step towards better customer loyalty and better results for your e-mail campaign.

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E-mail marketing for my company – what do I have to consider with a newsletter?

Email marketing starts with signing up for the newsletter. Make sure to offer a legally secure form and to refer to the newsletter at as many contact points as possible. Do not send any messages without the consent of your recipients. This not only puts off prospective customers, but could also lead to an expensive warning.

We would be happy to help you integrate registration forms into your website.

Timing, top content and topics!

Make sure that you also create strategic editorial planning for e-mail marketing. Essentially, it’s about regular mailing with added value for suitable occasions – at the right moment, on interesting topics. Would you like to learn more about editorial planning? Read the blog article about it!

How can I measure the success of my email marketing campaign?

Parallel to the editorial planning, you should also keep an eye on the strategic acquisition of subscribers. Which channels and contact points do you offer for potential customers? Include what added value? How often to ship? We are happy to help you with the complete e-mail marketing for your company. We are your partner from set-up and dispatch to evaluation, adjustment and segmentation. Of course, we also adapt the e-mail marketing to the other online marketing channels.

What typical mistakes are often made in email marketing?

oo frequent, too uninteresting, too little oriented towards the interests of the recipient. These are the most common mistakes one encounters in newsletter marketing. We would be happy to explain to you exactly what your users like, how often you should send your letters and how you can find exciting content.

Email as a marketing tool is indispensable for both small start-ups and large companies. We explain here why this is the case and how you can benefit from competent e-mail marketing –” The e-mail stays! ”

According to a recent study, there were 5.6 billion email accounts worldwide in 2019. More than half of 18-24 year olds open their mailbox in the morning while still in bed. In other age groups, too, e-mail is largely accepted as a medium. It is therefore not surprising that more than 848 million emails were sent in Germany in 2018. And this number is without SPAM.

If only a tiny fraction of this significant number of users buys from your online shop or uses your services, you will hardly be able to save yourself from new customers – and the best way to win them is with effective email marketing.

Would you like to find the ideal partner and successfully market your products and services?

Then request a free & non-binding e-mail marketing offer from us right away!

What are the benefits of email marketing for your business?

We have summarized the various advantages of a marketing campaign via e-mail for you in the following points:
Customer contact
Regular e-mail contact – even if it is “only” a newsletter – ensures a permanent connection between you and your customer. 
For example, automated software sends an email to your customers every week. 
You – and above all your products, services and offers – remain in the customer’s memory. 
From a grey, anonymous company, you transform into a companion, a problem solver who can no longer get your customers out of their heads.
Cost efficiency
Print advertising – flyers, brochures, business cards etc. – costs a lot of money, which is completely eliminated with e-mail marketing. 
Although you take care of the creation of the content, the delivery is digital. 
Costs of a few cents per customer (if content creation is included) are incurred. 
E-mail marketing is therefore also ideal for young companies where the advertising budget is not quite so loose in their pockets.
Target group orientation
E-mails are easier to personalize than the print advertising mentioned, for example. 
Arrange customers into segments and create advertising media that are individually tailored to demographic characteristics such as age or gender. 
You can reach your target group much better, address them by their first name or use similar “tricks”. 
In the long term, you build a personal relationship with the customer.

Measurability is the trump card of email marketing

One of the biggest benefits, however, is in terms of analytics capabilities in email marketing. 
Classic “offline advertising” often leads to higher sales, but you cannot be 100% sure whether certain print advertising, for example, is responsible for your recent success. 
E-mail marketing can be analyzed in detail with suitable tools.

For example, you can find out everything about the conversion rate from a simple prospect to a customer. 
How many recipients open my e-mail and then click on the link to my online shop? 
What percentage of these people actually make a purchase? 

Who doesn’t open my e-mails in the first place – and which subject lines lead to a particularly high opening rate?

We would be happy to accompany your campaigns and help you to gain insights – not only about your mailings, but also about your customers!

Through e-mail marketing, you collect an enormous amount of information about the performance of your advertising campaign. You can calculate exactly how much money you get out of every euro invested. 
In the long run, this gives you a comprehensive overview of your customers’ preferences and enables you to better reach them with your marketing efforts. 

You know what content appeals to your customers and what type of campaign you should invest more money in. 
The result of these efforts is that you can plan your budget very precisely and invest in marketing that you not only believe will be successful, but that you can even back up with hard data.

E-marketing is the tool of our time

ou will be able to measure about 80% of the reactions to emails in the first three days. Conventional advertising, as we have already mentioned, takes much longer, up to several weeks, to do this. An e-mail is digital and almost demands a quick examination of its content: once it arrives in the inbox, most people will not keep it waiting long.

Since mobile devices now play a major role in online advertising in general and e-mail marketing in particular, this advantage is being further expanded. The smartphone is practically always at hand in the pocket. You can reach your customers at home, at work, on vacation and both during the day and at night. Successful e-mail marketing is not tied to place and time – and accordingly it is ideally suited to help your business to increase sales as well.

Start safely with our checklist in your e-mail marketing !

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