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Remove unwanted links from your website with Silahub’s link removal services. Our experts will clean up your backlink profile and lay the foundation for the natural construction of new, high-quality links.

Professional link breaking with the help of Silahub Technologies’

When cleaning up the link profile, not just the necessary link removal measures count. At the same time, it is necessary to develop strategies for the natural construction of new, high-quality links. The online marketing specialists at Silahub will help you remove harmful backlinks and plan and implement the necessary link-building measures.

For you, cleaning up your link profile means:

  • A long-term increase in the ranking and visibility of your website
  • Increasing visitor numbers through new link-building strategies
  • An increase in sales

When and why is link breaking necessary?

A few years ago, massive link building was considered a sure recipe for success in order to improve the positioning of one’s own site on Google, Bing, and Co. But bought, manipulated, and unnatural backlinks were not in the interest of the search engines, which had the goal of only offering users high-quality websites that exactly matched the search query. In response to this development, search engine giant Google tightened its ranking factors. Since the April 2012 Penguin Update, many sites with unnatural link profiles have been downgraded. In order to avoid being penalized and to clean up their own link profile, there is only one option for many: delete harmful links.

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Improve your website ranking with the targeted removal of harmful backlinks.

Ranking losses are often the result of an unnatural link profile caused by harmful backlinks. Harmful backlinks are, e.g., B. bought, rented, or spam links. For many website owners, ranking and visibility losses mean lost sales that can cause significant economic damage. Link breaking offers the opportunity to remove harmful links and clean up the link profile. However, like link building, link breaking should not be rushed. The identification and ultimate removal of corresponding links are very complex and time-consuming. Let a professional online marketing agency help you break down harmful links. The link marketing experts at Silahub Technologies offer you many years of experience in the field of link removal and are available to advise you on all questions on the subject.

How to Break a Link

The link removal should be done with the utmost care because removing links has a lasting effect on the link profile of the website. Although you can avoid a possible Google penalty by removing inferior backlinks, in many cases, you also have to accept a loss of domain and link popularity. It is therefore always important to check whether it is really necessary to delete relevant links. At the same time, in the course of link removal, new links of equal value should always be established.

If a link removal is necessary, the following steps must be taken:

  • Analyze the link profile using a backlink check.
  • Classify and evaluate link sources.
  • Contact the link provider and ask for the link to be removed.
  • Check the link profile again.
  • Disavow malicious backlinks using the disavow tool (after prior consultation with the customer)

Silahub’s team supports you in all areas related to link marketing. We offer you professional and reliable advice on algorithmic and manual penalties by Google. Our goal is to work closely with you to identify and remove sources of error and to improve your website’s ranking in the long term using sustainable link-building strategies.

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