Creative and user-oriented campaign microsites

Everything comes together here

We often use microsites as the heart of our digital advertising campaigns. They serve as a central point of contact for multi-channel campaigns with a clear focus on messages and goals. But that’s just the beginning: Through interactive approaches such as user-generated content or gamification, we create new points of contact that stick in people’s minds. After all, we are specialists in social media, but for us, social media doesn’t stop when you leave the network.

A microsite can be many different things.

When creating microsites, our wealth of experience ranges from simple sweepstakes to photo or video contests to voting, quizzes, and games of all shapes and colors. Of course, we always see the microsite in the context of the campaign idea and align it uncompromisingly with its purpose. It starts with the preparatory work: together with our customers, we develop ideas that we then flesh out and implement in equal measure.

Technology that convinces

Microsites related to digital campaigns offer us an ideal playground for the use of innovative technologies—and they make an impression. In web development, we rely on individual solutions that are tailored to the respective customer. Despite this, or precisely because of this, we always keep an eye on issues such as security, reliability, and data protection in our work. Full compatibility with mobile devices, tablets, and PCs.

Reach through marketing microsites

To achieve campaign goals more efficiently, we combine digital advertising campaigns with performance marketing. By running ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and the Google Display Network, as well as smart tracking and retargeting, we ensure the necessary traffic get to your microsite.

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