Search engine marketing

Reach the target group at the right moment with Google ads: We plan and optimize campaigns so that your company always gets a hit.

  • When your customers are looking for a product or service, they will find you. Getting ranked in search engines is the best organic way to get new clients.
  • If you choose the correct audience to target, SEM can be fairly cost-effective. You can translate the price of clicks into quantifiable ROI.

Searched and found

Your webpage is really worth a visit. Unfortunately, organic reach is no longer sufficient to achieve market dominance. For the search terms that are crucial to you, the customer finds you through Google AdWords. We discover and optimize Google AdWords for your brand based on relevant keywords.

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Target advertising

Hardly anyone can afford to ignore the topic of search engine marketing. With Google AdWords, we reach your potential customers exactly when they are actually interested. In addition, the Google Display Network is a promising platform for displaying ads to your target group. The second-largest search engine in the world also has potential. With YouTube ads, you use moving images to draw attention to your brand.

Increase measurability

Modern online marketing is changing the way companies advertise. Everything is measurable; every click and every conversion can be assigned. Campaigns can be controlled and adjusted in real time. With the help of analyses and tests, target groups can be determined more precisely than ever. The results of the current campaign are the basis for an even better next campaign. We will support you with the necessary sensitivity.

Campaign setup

Search engine marketing is never finished! Rather, it requires continuous maintenance and optimization of the campaigns based on the accumulated data and searches queries. With the help of this data and sensible A/B tests, we continuously bring your Google campaigns to the highest level. We inform you about the success of your campaign in regular reports, which are the basis for further optimization measures.

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