International SEO

Looking to improve your website’s international SEO visibility? Our team of experts can help!

SEO from a global perspective

Successfully position websites with a multilingual orientation in the SERPs. For companies that want to offer their products or services not only domestically but also abroad, the topic of international SEO is increasingly coming into focus. Silahub Technologies is the ideal contact for you if you want to expand internationally with your website.

We support you in the successful positioning of your website in the search engines of your desired target countries and show you what is important for a successful international SEO strategy. In addition to extensive SEO consulting, we also offer you continuous SEO support. This means that we analyze and evaluate the SEO measures you have taken and help you to have a successful, international online presence.

advantages of multilingual websites?

If you want to reach your customers not only in German-speaking countries but also in foreign-speaking countries, you need a multilingual website. A multilingual website offers you numerous advantages:

  • You can address different target markets at the same time (especially local markets).
  • You improve your visibility in regionally popular search engines.
  • They generate more traffic and more visits.
  • You increase the competitiveness of your company.

When optimizing the international website, it is important to adapt the website to the relevant characteristics of the respective countries.

Are you addressing target groups outside of your Country and would you also like to be found internationally in search engine results?

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SEO International: Different countries, different search behavior

Setting up a multilingual website and successfully positioning yourself in the relevant target markets necessitates extensive research. As with national SEO optimization, the target market and the competition must also be analyzed in detail for international search engine optimization. The integration of search engine-relevant terms also plays a crucial role. Importantly, keywords should never be translated literally. Separate keyword analysis for each country is recommended, as is text creation by native speakers.

International SEO Onpage and Offpage Optimization

In order for the website to be search engine- and user-friendly, you should provide the content in the appropriate native language. Here, too, it is worth taking country-specific features into account. Local contact addresses in the respective country versions are also recommended. Individual optimization measures should be initiated for the off-page area. Our tip: Build up a link network in the relevant target countries. Comprehensive link analysis will help you in advance.

Align websites in multiple languages and avoid duplicate content

Anyone planning an international website does not necessarily have to create a completely new page for each country. Adding additional versions to the existing language version is frequently sufficient. For this purpose, the corresponding text modules are built into existing page structures. With the help of an integrated language switch, the user can then switch among the different country versions. However, a large part of the website content remains largely identical in all versions. The result: You have duplicate content on your site. This problem can easily be solved with the hreflang attribute. With this award, the search engine is told which page is the original and which version is the duplicate. In addition, the search engine recognizes which language version should be displayed.

Do you have questions about using the hreflang attribute? Do you need professional advice on your international SEO strategy? The experts at Silahub Technologies are available to advise you on all matters related to SEO internationally.

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