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We help you find the right keywords for your website and get better rankings. In order to be found more easily online and to be able to generate more traffic for the site, it is advisable to optimize the website—both on and off-page. The basis for long-term successful SEO optimization and traffic increase is the integration of important and search engine-relevant keywords. These are determined and evaluated using comprehensive keyword research.

A keyword analysis is very time-consuming and requires a lot of experience and sensitivity. Let the professionals help you with your keyword research! The experienced online marketing team at Silahub Technologies will not only help you with keyword analysis but will also develop strategies and solutions for successful keyword optimization and implementation.

In our encyclopedia article Keywords, we explain what these keywords are and how you can classify them.

How is an SEO keyword analysis carried out?

First of all, it is important to find terms and combinations of terms that are relevant to the page. For this purpose, a list of all possible keywords is generated. The search terms are listed in the singular, the plural, and in different spellings. A competitor analysis can also be very helpful when selecting relevant keywords. Other possible keywords can be determined using various tools. The search terms compiled in the list are then checked and evaluated with regard to their usefulness, search volume, and competition. The higher the search volume and the lower the competition, the better. However, keywords with a low search volume can also be relevant for keyword optimization. Since their competition is usually low, a high proportion of traffic can be tapped.

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Why is keyword research so important?

Keyword research is carried out at the beginning of each SEO optimization campaign. The aim of the analysis is to find the most suitable keywords for the relevant website or for specially selected landing pages. Visibility and traffic increases can only be achieved with relevant keywords.

Not every user searches the same way. With extensive keyword research, you can analyze and evaluate the search habits of your users. There are different types of keywords that should be considered in the SEO keyword analysis:

  • Short-tail keywords: Generic terms that usually consist of just one word (e.g., vacation, cell phone, TV, pants).
  • Mid-tail keywords: These are typically two to three words long (e.g., book cheap flights, compare cell phone plans, rent an apartment).
  • Long-tail keywords: Are often made up of whole sentences or several search terms that are arranged in a row (for example, order an iPhone 6 in silver with a contract online).

Although short-tail keywords have a large reach due to their high search volume, they are very unspecific. If a user searches for a “mobile phone” or you don’t know whether they intend to buy or just want to find out more. Mid- and long-tail keywords, on the other hand, provide significantly more information about the user’s intention.

There are three different search intentions, which result in the different types of search queries:

  • Navigational search: The user searches specifically for a page, e.g. “Amazon Prime Membership.”
  • Informational search: The user is looking for specific information or a solution to a problem, e.g., “Simple casserole recipe,”  “What to do if you you have peanuts allergies.”
  • Transactional search: The user shows an explicit intention to buy, e.g., “Buy Yellow winter coat, Size. 39,”  “rent a large mobile home.”

When optimizing the site for keywords, it is important to know for which types of search query the site should rank and which corporate goals should be achieved with the optimization.

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