Landing Page Optimization

Looking to optimize your landing pages for better SEO? Look no further than Landing Page Optimization! We’ll help you create Pages that rank higher and generate more leads.

Optimized landing page for better keywords

Do you sometimes think “I wasn’t even looking for that!” Or “Why did I land on this page now? I wanted to book a trip to New York. Why am I being shown the service team for Madagascar?

Linking to an inappropriate landing page and the resulting disappointment for the user are major problems for the advertiser.

We can help you meet the needs of your website visitors with our Landing Pages Optimization service, turning a visitor into a potential customer.

What is a landing page?

The landing page is the page that a user gets to when they click on search results on Google, on advertisements, or on links on social media channels (e.g., Twitter, Facebook). the landing page, so to speak, at which your online marketing measures are aimed. This can be, for example, landing pages for a product, a service, or a blog article.

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How should a landing page be designed?

This question cannot simply be answered globally, because the structure of professional landing pages always depends on the search engine marketing measures (SEO and/or SEA) and the desired conversion goals.

The aim can be: to sell products via an online shop, generate more calls, animate visitors to fill out an offer form, increase the number of downloads of an e-paper, and much more.

A Google Ads landing page for an insurance agency that advertises legal protection insurance via a Google Ads campaign must meet different requirements in terms of web design, usability, the arrangement of call-to-action elements, etc. than a landing page optimization for a shoe Webshop that draws attention to its offers via Google Shopping or a travel booking portal that markets new special offers via the Google Display Network.

A landing page must primarily meet the expectations of visitors and achieve a good conversion rate.

A landing page should have easy navigation and a clear structure with clear headings, subheadings, text blocks, and lists. In principle, this offers the user a good orientation in order to grasp the content as quickly as possible.

To highlight your products and services, you should add images or videos to the product description and content. A combination of topic-appropriate design, usability, and relevant content improves the user experience.

The aim is to give the user the opportunity to get in touch with your company. The easiest way to do this is to place the contact details on every landing page and to highlight them, for example, with a button as an interactive element. Clear call-to-actions (requests for action) move the user to the desired conversion, which can be, e.g., registration for the newsletter, a callback request, an order, or a booking.

Furthermore, one should convey trust and a certain seriousness. This can be achieved, among other things, through seals of approval, certificates, or user ratings for your company. because many users are afraid of doing something wrong on the Internet. This note is of enormous importance for shop operators because visitors will usually transmit personal data such as address and account data. 

Short loading times also improve the user experience and keep the bounce rate low.

A responsive design of the landing page is part of the basic equipment of every homepage nowadays since many users have a smartphone or tablet. 

What is the goal of a landing page?

By clicking on a search result or a Google Ads ad, the searcher has certain expectations of the target page on which they land. If this expectation is not fulfilled, he immediately leaves the site again. If the landing page meets his expectations, you can easily persuade him to achieve the desired conversion. The first impression counts. So you only have a few seconds to reach and convince the user. That is why it is very important to optimize the landing page. 

The creation of various landing pages is a good idea for shop operators in order to carry out what is known as an A/B test. In this test, different pages are presented to the target group. Through a subsequent evaluation of the conversions, the landing page with the greatest success with customers can be identified and then used optimally.

Our optimization measures for your landing page

  • Detailed marketing advice on the site.
  • Analysis of your website and landing pages
  • Creation & optimization of professional landing pages by our professionals
  • Conversion optimization of your page and an increase in the conversion rate
  • Checking the usability
  • Adaptation of the landing page to Bing and Google Ads campaigns
  • Alignment of texts with search engine optimization (SEO)

Incidentally, the user experience on the landing page has a direct effect on your Google Ads campaign. It influences the quality factor and, thus, the ad rank and the costs of your Google Ads advertising. It is therefore all the more important to optimize the landing page in order to achieve the best possible advertising success.

Trust our professionals so that you can use your valuable time elsewhere. We optimize and give tips for your existing landing pages and create attractive landing pages that focus on the advantages of your company, your products, and your service.

Of course, we are happy to write professional texts for you, take photos, or produce videos for your target page. An optimized landing page significantly increases the success of your Google Ads or Bing campaigns and search engine optimization.

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