Local SEO

Local SEO is everything you need to get your business found online. Keep your website optimized for local search and increase visibility with our proven techniques.

Local SEO: Clients in Your Neighborhood

The World Wide Web has developed into one of the most important sales channels in recent years. More and more people are shopping on the Internet or finding out more online before making a purchase. Quick findability on the web is not only interesting for online shop owners but also for local companies.

Every third search query on Google is now a local query. The increasing proportion of search queries via mobile devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets) also contributes to the growing importance of local searches. Increase your competitiveness and get customers from the Web into your business! How it works with professional and individual local SEO measures from Silahub Technologies!

What Is the Best Local SEO Recipe?

Silahub Technologies will develop the ideal local SEO recipe for you! Let professionals help you with the local search engine optimization of your website and rely on the many years of experience of our online marketing experts. With an individual local SEO strategy, we improve the findability of your site in local searches. Our SEO specialists optimize for you:

  • Your website, considering the local focus
  • Your Google My Business entry
  • Linking to your site with regional backlink sources

Use the possibilities of local search engine optimization.

Would you like to bring customers from the Web into your business and thus increase your competitiveness?

Then request a free, non-binding link marketing offer from us right away!

What exactly is local SEO, and why is it important for your business?

If you

  • are the owner or operator of a local business with or without online sales,
  • own or operate a craft business,
  • work as a service provider or
  • run a regional company

You should definitely deal with the opportunities that local search engine optimization offers you.

“Local SEO” means all optimization measures of one’s own web presence with regard to local search. Local search queries can be carried out both by entering unambiguous search terms (keywords) such as “car rental Munich” and by using generic terms such as “good pizzeria.” For search queries with generic terms, search results can be displayed in the immediate vicinity using the IP address or the determined location of the user.

Regional search is becoming increasingly important. With local SEO, you have the opportunity to provide potential customers who are searching regionally with relevant information in an even more targeted manner and to achieve better Google rankings. In plain language, this means for you:

  • Greater coverage in your catchment area
  • More traffic
  • Higher Sales
  • Increasing sales
  • Long-term competitiveness

Local search engine optimization in three steps

In order to be found more easily and quickly on the Web with the help of local SEO, three optimization steps are necessary:

Step 1: Onpage Optimization

Your company’s website will be SEO-optimized to be relevant for local search results.

Step 2: Google My Business

Your company entry in Google My Business will be optimized and maintained.

Step 3: Local Citations

Your company will be entered and linked with its key data (name, address, telephone number, etc.) in various business directories, yellow pages, and rating portals.

Local SEO with Google My Business

An important local SEO tool is the online service “Google My Business.” With the help of the tool, all important company information can be managed centrally. The entered data and information appear in the SERPs as well as in Google Maps and on Google+. Ratings and testimonials on the Google+ page are integrated into the search results. The more reviews, the better. Ask your customers to leave a review to increase your chances of getting a better ranking.

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