Performance Optimization

Looking to optimize your website’s performance? Look no further than our SEO-optimized performance optimization…

Improved loading times, better rankings, and a higher conversion rate

Anyone surfing the Internet looking for information, products, etc. wants to get to the desired destination quickly. However, this only works if the selected websites open in a few seconds. Pages that only load very slowly have a bad hand and are usually left quickly.

A slow loading speed not only has a negative effect on user-friendliness but also deters potential customers. In addition, it can also negatively affect the website’s ranking. With slow loading times, it is important to become active quickly. The experienced Silahub Technologies team will help you with all the necessary optimization measures.

We analyze, optimize, and control your website speed. With professional performance optimization, we accelerate your website and ensure more user activity!

How important is performance?

The loading speed of a page (page speed) is an important ranking factor in the Google algorithm because a good user experience counts for the search engine giant. Loading time delays can have negative effects such as a decrease in the conversion rate, an increase in the bounce rate, and a reduction in page views.

For a shop owner, poor website performance can also result in a significant loss of sales. The goal should always be to optimize loading times. A good website’s performance not only pleases the search engines, but also the users.

What advantages can performance optimization offer you?

  • Increase in user-friendliness
  • Better ranking results
  • More page views
  • Lower bounce rate
  • Increase in conversion rate
  • Increase in sales

Would you like to benefit from faster loading times on your website and thus ensure more user activity?

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First comes the analysis, then the performance optimization.

Before appropriate performance optimization steps can be taken, your site must first be analyzed with regard to its performance. Factors such as TTFB and load time play an important role here.

  • TTFB (time to the first byte) is the response speed of the server. It indicates how long the server needs to deliver the first byte of information to the browser after the request. Google recommends a server response time under 200 milliseconds.
  • The load time is the time required to completely transfer all the data from the accessed website to the browser. A distinction is made between a first view and a repeat view. According to Google’s recommendation, the loading time for the first view should be less than 3 seconds.

Slow loading and response speeds can be caused by images that are too large, too much data on the website, slow databases, and a slow server. Reducing, compressing, and optimizing the amount of data to be displayed helps improve loading time.

Performance Optimization: More Speed for Your Website

The optimization of the code is particularly important for website performance optimization. The page code contains all the information that the browser searches for to display the page correctly. Even small optimization steps can have a big impact on the loading time. 

Factors that contribute to improving page load time include:

  • Browser caching
  • Compressed data transmission
  • Compressed images as well as images at the right resolution
  • Fast server load times
  • Compressed CSS/HTML/JavaScript files

Let an experienced online marketing agency support you in optimizing performance. Silahub Technologies helps you with all optimization steps that support better website performance.

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