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Creation of informative, high-quality texts

We support you in creating high-quality, informative, and unique SEO texts. Thanks to our many years of experience in the areas of SEO and content, we are the ideal contact for you when it comes to creating search engine-optimized texts. Our permanent editors work closely with you to create unique SEO content for your website. Your individual wishes are incorporated into the creation of the text.

Of course, the interests of your users and customers and the requirements of the search engines are also taken into account. Our goal is to write SEO texts that, on the one hand, ensure better visibility of your site in the SERPs and improve your Google ranking, and, on the other hand, offer your site visitors added value. Let our experienced SEO experts and editors support you in creating SEO content.

What Factors Influence SEO Text Creation?

Unlike non-optimized website texts, certain search engine-relevant criteria are taken into account when creating SEO texts. The art is in writing readable SEO texts that do not sound like they were written for search engines. The following aspects are important for the creation of high-quality SEO content:

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Cover only one topic per page

Multiple topics on one page not only confuse the reader, but also the search engines. That’s why you should limit yourself to one topic.

Integrate search volume and relevant keywords

In order for a page to rank for a specific keyword, the text must be optimized accordingly. In other words, it must contain a sufficient number of sensibly selected keywords that are analyzed before the text is created.

Structure the text with headings.

With the help of a clear structure, every text becomes more legible. It is important that the headlines match the content of the respective text sections and encourage the reader to read on. In addition, they should contain relevant keywords.

Write unique and interesting SEO text.

Like any other text, an SEO text should be informative, helpful, or entertaining and offer users added value. It is also important to write unique SEO texts (unique content) that are precisely geared to the respective target group in terms of their tonality and vocabulary.

Make texts visually appealing.

The content of the texts is important, but so is the visual appearance. This gives the SEO text the right flavor and the necessary pep. Bullet points or subheadings can be used to break up the text. Videos and graphics also contribute to the creation of reader-friendly and appealing text.

What role does AI Keywordeverywhere optimization play in SEO text creation?

In addition to the “classic” keyword analysis required for SEO content creation, a Keywordeverywhere AI analysis is performed in many cases. The AI formula compares the occurrence of a keyword and specific related terms on a page to all other pages that rank for that keyword. With the help of a Keywordeverywhere tool, terms, keywords, and phrases can be calculated that are considered relevant for the corresponding page and therefore also play a role in the SEO text creation. The Keywordeverywhere analysis has established itself as a common tool in the context of on-page optimization to increase the relevance of the content and the website. Positive ranking effects have already been proven repeatedly.

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