SEO Reporting

Always stay up to date with our real-time SEO reporting in the customer login! A complete overview of rankings, activities, and visitor data.

The SEO real-time report is always up to date!

Since we are always in close contact with our customers, open communication and a transparent way of working are very important to us. That is why we not only offer you services in the area of search engine optimization, which includes strategy development, conception, and implementation of individual SEO measures, but also the possibility of tracking our services and the effects of these within your customer area.

Our SEO reporting is part of our service offering! In addition to the continuous SEO report, you as a customer also receive personal online access, which you can use to monitor your rankings for selected keywords and visitor development with real-time data from Google Analytics around the clock and to view all the SEO measures we have initiated.

Why is an SEO report so important?

For a successful SEO strategy, continuous SEO reporting is not only helpful but also necessary. Search engine optimization is not a one-time thing. Changes in strategy by competitors and changes in ranking factors require regular maintenance and expansion of on- and off-page measures.

The effects of implemented SEO measures are presented by us in a continuous SEO report. With the help of SEO reporting, you, as a customer, can understand which ranking changes have occurred for your website in a certain period of time. Your advantage: You are always up to date and receive an overview of the optimization work we have carried out, with time recording accurately to the minute.

Do you want to have an overview of which keywords you are currently ranking with and how high the number of visitors is on your website?

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You can find this information in our SEO reporting.

Important parameters of our monthly SEO report are the current keywords with which your website ranks, as well as the number of your website visitors and other SEO-relevant data. The key figures give you and our information about the extent to which the on-page and off-page measures taken are having an effect and what potential is still open.

  • Keyword rankings: The specified keywords and the target pages optimized for them are clearly displayed in the SEO report. You get an overview of the current rankings and can compare them with the results of the previous month. Keyword opportunities can also be part of the SEO report. Here, further search terms are listed for which your site is already ranking and whose optimization can lead to an increase in traffic.
  • Visitor numbers: The number of visitors is also documented in SEO reporting. What’s interesting is not only the total number of visitors but also the sources through which the users came to your site.
  • External links (link marketing): The current link report can also be found in our SEO report. Here you can see links that have already been activated as well as waiting links for the corresponding month.

Additional factors in the SEO Report

In order to get a meaningful overall picture of the current status of your website, we include other factors in the SEO reporting in addition to the core components. This includes important metrics from Google Analytics such as the history of general traffic, bounce rates, and visit duration as well as the number of different errors on your website. In addition, we list all the activities carried out and SEO measures implemented in the corresponding period, More transparency is not possible!

Working in the field of search engine optimization is difficult to grasp and understand. With our meaningful SEO reporting, we not only want to show you the results of our implemented optimization measures, but also show you how important the topics of transparency, honesty, and communication are to us.

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