Title and Description Creation

Create titles and descriptions that help your website stand out from the crowd.

Appropriate metadata attracts customers!

Attractive meta titles and descriptions attract potential customers to your site. The creation and optimization of page titles (SEO title) and page descriptions (meta description) are important points when it comes to the search engine optimization of your website. The metadata consisting of a title and description flows directly or indirectly into the calculation of the search engine ranking.

and they are also decisive for the click behavior of the user. because only an appealing title and an informative description animate the user to click. Allow professionals to assist you in optimizing your metadata. The experienced online marketing experts at Silahub Technologies will help you create all the meta titles and descriptions for your website.

Have your titles and descriptions created by professionals

Depending on the size of the website, title description optimization can be very extensive and time-consuming. If you don’t have enough resources to optimize your metadata, it’s a good idea to hire a professional SEO agency like SEO-Kitchen to create the titles and descriptions for your website. We are also happy to undertake the necessary keyword analysis in order to determine the most relevant search terms for all pages.

Would you like to arouse user interest in your site with informative and appealing titles and descriptions?

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Basic SEO: Title and Meta Description—What is that actually?

Technically, title tags and meta descriptions are elements of HTML code. With the help of metadata, the search engine receives a brief summary of the content of the website. The same applies to the user. If he enters a search query into the search engine, the title and description are displayed together with the corresponding URL as the search result.

The title is an important ranking factor and therefore also a central point in on-page optimization. Although the page description (meta description) is not directly included in the calculation of the ranking, it also deserves a lot of attention. Because of this, important content on the page can be displayed in short form, and users can be encouraged to click. An optimized meta description can contribute significantly to increasing the clickthrough rate (CTR). And a higher click rate has a positive effect on the ranking result of the page.

Improve the Meta Description and SEO Title

For a search engine- and user-friendly website, all titles and descriptions of the website should be optimized as part of on-page optimization and created taking certain criteria into account. A few seconds determine whether the user clicks or not. Crisp, concise, and informative metadata favor the click behavior of the searcher.

An optimal title:

  • Looks natural, is unique, and is meaningful
  • Contains the keyword with which the corresponding page wants to rank (the keyword comes first).
  • Limited to a maximum character length or pixel width (55 characters or 512 pixels)
  • Offers the user informative added value
  • Encourages the user to click

An optimal description:

  • is a brief synopsis of the page
  • is unique and arouses the interest of the user
  • prompts the user to click
  • Restricted to a maximum character length or pixel width (145 characters or 500 pixels)
  • contains other important and relevant keywords for the page

The recommended pixel widths should be fully utilized for both the SEO title and the meta description in order to provide users and search engines with valuable and relevant information. Metadata forms the first point of contact between the user and the website. They are used to arouse the user’s interest in the site. In order to attract additional attention from the searcher, you can also work with special characters in the title and in the description.

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