On-page optimization

Increase your website’s position in the search engines with our professional on-page optimization services. We will work to improve your content, meta description, and title tags to increase click-through rates and organic traffic.

More visitors, more traffic, more sales!

We help you to achieve your business goals! More traffic in the organic search, greater user-friendliness, better rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs), higher visitor numbers, increasing sales – goals that you have been aiming for a long time?

Then it’s time to tackle them. Let experienced professionals help you with the SEO optimization of your website. Our SEO experts analyze the optimization potential of your website and find the perfect recipe for your optimal internet presence.

With the right ingredients and spices, the Silahub SEO team works closely with you to develop suitable on-page strategies that will help you achieve your business goals. For more traffic, more visitors, more sales!

After on-page optimization, the next logical step is on-page controlling, in which the success of the implemented optimization measures is checked.

What are the advantages of search engine optimization?

high level of trust among users

high click rates in the organic area of ​​the hit list

Usability analysis

long-term strategy

Sustainability by optimizing the homepage for the defined keywords

permanent higher visibility in search engines

no limit to clicks

Success-based billing for SEO Top 10 products

national and regional orientation

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With the perfect recipe for success – holistic SEO from a single source

There is no secret recipe for a successful SEO strategy. There is also no uniform procedure for achieving the set corporate goals. Every website is different and has its individual strengths and weaknesses. These need to be analyzed in order to develop the optimal SEO strategy.

As part of a holistic SEO concept, we support you with all necessary on-page and off-page optimization work. As an experienced online marketing agency, the Silahub Technologies SEO team accompanies you with all questions relating to search engine optimization.
We offer you:

Tailor-made holistic SEO solutions

Comprehensive optimization work with flexible budget reallocation (online marketing plus)

A personal contact person for each area

Complete transparency (through your customer login you can track all work done at any time)

Monthly reporting

Benefit from our great expertise in the field of online marketing and from our individually tailored SEO solutions.

Do you want a better placement in search engine results?

Then request a free & non-binding SEO offer from us right away!

OnPage vs. OffPage Optimization

Within search engine optimization, a distinction is made between on- and off-page optimization. On-page optimization includes all measures and adjustments that are made directly on the page.  OffPage optimization deals with all external factors of a page (e.g. backlink building). Structural, content-related, and technical aspects are analyzed and optimized here.

As part of structural and content optimization, it is crucial to create unique, interesting, and high-quality content (e.g. texts, images, videos) and to optimize them in terms of their headings, formatting, keywords, etc.

Technical optimization work that takes place on the site may include, but is not limited to, improving loading times and speeds, using search engine-friendly markup and checking error messages. The technical optimization work also includes the use of canonical tags, the adjustment of the navigation, the improvement of the internal link structure, and the optimization of individual meta elements, alt attributes, and page titles.

OnPage optimization forms the basis for successful OffPage optimization.  Before you start building backlinks, you should always adapt and improve the content, structure, and technical aspects of your site. This is the only way external optimization measures can work efficiently.

With OnPage to a search engine and user-friendly website

With suitable on-page optimization measures, you can not only improve the ranking of your site but also increase usability for your customers. Users look forward to an attractive, clear, and user-friendly site with interesting and relevant content. And you are happy about an improved positioning of your website in the SERPs and about more visitors.

Professional search engine optimization

Search, find, contact … that’s what every owner of an internet presence wants for his website. In Germany, as is well known, the majority of search queries are made via google.de. When a user starts a search on Google, he gets countless hits in a fraction of a second. However, most of the searchers pay attention to the first three search result pages at most. So the really interesting hits are only the top rankings.

However, this potential is by no means optimally used by all companies. Small and medium-sized companies in particular are rarely visible in this area. Most people believe that they have already done the best for new customers and visitors simply by owning an appealing website.

Individual, professional search engine optimization and effective online marketing are necessary to ensure that websites appear at the top of search engine results lists.

SEO  English Search  Engine Optimization or simply O-like Optimization for the organic hit list includes all measures that serve to improve the ranking of your website within the hit lists up to top placements on the first page. This increases the chance of getting more traffic to your website.

A detailed analysis of the current status of your website is crucial for planning successful search engine marketing.

The search engine experts of our SEO agency analyze:

In which position of the search engines is your website currently found?

Where are your competitors placed?

What ranking and marketing goals are you pursuing?

The working principle:

Step 1:  Users enter a search term/keyword such as “rent work platforms” on Google

Step 2: Your search engine optimized website will be found among the top positions in the organic section of the Google hit list

3rd step:  the user clicks directly on your website

Our SEO agency experts will bring your website to the top rankings on Google. We provide you with SEO measures in the on-page and off-page areas that correspond to the guidelines of the search engines.

Do you want a better placement in search engine results?

Then request a free & non-binding SEO offer from us right away!

What does on-page optimization mean?

On-page optimization includes all measures that can be taken directly “ON” of a website in order to positively influence search engine rankings.

Our SEO experts assume that there are around 200 ranking factors that influence a website’s position in the hit list. Since Google is always striving to improve the quality of the search results for the user, the Google algorithm changes regularly. These changes have varying degrees of impact on a website’s ranking.

When it comes to on-page or on-site optimization, it is important to consider the content, structure, and technical aspects when optimizing the website. Due to the constant change in the weighting and importance of the ranking factors, search engine optimization is an ongoing process. Below is just a very small selection of important ranking factors:

individual page content, unique high-quality content,

appropriate title tags (page title) and description meta tags (page description) for each page of a website

readable URL structure

easy navigation

HTML and XML sitemap

helpful error page

Structured text structure and use of heading tags

image optimization

search-engine-friendly link structures

error-free programming and available technology with fast loading times

Responsive web design, mobile friendly

Internet visitors trust search engines like Google & Co

Trust Silahub- your agency for search engine optimization.

We look forward to welcoming you soon among our satisfied customers. We would be happy to optimize your website so that potential customers find you really good.

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