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Looking to take your business online but don’t know where to start? Look no further than Silahub Technologies!

We specialize in social media marketing and can help you grow your business by connecting you with the right people, using the right strategies, and delivering results that you’ll love.

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Why Social Media Marketing?

Because it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach younger target groups in particular via traditional media. Social media takes place on the smartphone! Media change is constantly progressing – don’t lose touch and use the possibilities of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter & Co.

Your advantages:

Communicate authentically and directly with your target group

Increase awareness of your brand

Act where your customers are – on social media

Image building  through authentic content

Large reach  for targeted advertising

What do we offer?

Personal social media consultants with a feel for your target group

Many years of experience and passion  for social media

Suitable concepts for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Co.

Content with added value for your target group

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“Pinterest is not a picture book, but a visual search engine with huge potential to generate reach and drive traffic to your own website. The basis for this success is similar to an SEO strategy. Our Pinterest secret is: quality, continuity and keywords, we use these factors to create suitable strategies for companies.”

Matthew Sunday

Our social media marketing services at a glance

Communication management

We’ll show you how to manage your community and keep users happy.

Social media monitoring

Recognize trends and user behavior with social monitoring and react quickly.

Facebook marketing

Talk to your customers and get to know the interests of your target group.

Facebook advertising

Place targeted ads on Facebook to reach potential customers.

Instagram marketing

How to use Instagram to achieve your marketing goals.

Instagram marketing

More traffic and conversions thanks to original Instagram ads.

Pinterest marketing

Address users emotionally and increase website traffic with the right Pinterest marketing strategy.

Twitter marketing

Stay in touch and provide your followers with high-quality tweets.

Twitter Ads

Advertise successfully on Twitter and achieve your marketing goals.

Advertising on Pinterest

Address users emotionally and increase website traffic with the right Pinterest marketing strategy.

Why social media marketing is so important for your business

Social media includes social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, photo, music and video sharing portals (eg Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, YouTube), social bookmarks, ratings portals and forums. Social media are the ideal platforms for exchanging opinions and experiences and for giving each other tips.

And even if you as a company are not active on the social web yourself, you and your company can be discussed and talked about somewhere. If so, why not join the conversation yourself and steer it in the right direction? Social media marketing makes it possible! Influence the discussions on Facebook, Twitter and Co. and publish your desired content directly, efficiently and in a targeted manner.

What are the benefits of successful social media marketing?

With original and sophisticated social media marketing strategies , you can:

As part of a holistic SEO concept, we support you with all necessary on-page and off-page optimization work. As an experienced online marketing agency, the Silahub Technologies Social Media Marketing team accompanies you with all questions relating to search engine optimization.
We offer you:

Attract attention and increase your level of awareness

Increase product, customer and brand loyalty

Improve your corporate image and customer satisfaction

Win new customers and increase sales

Achieve greater reach

Increase your website traffic

Spread your customer message and brand virally

Recruit new employees

In addition, with the help of social media activities, you get valuable and unfiltered information about the strengths and weaknesses of your company and have the opportunity to react quickly.

What are the benefits of successful social media marketing?
social media marketing by silahub technologies
Would you like to reach both existing and new customers with diverse and innovative social media concepts?

Then request a free & non-binding social media marketing offer from us right away!

Social media concepts and strategies

Audience Analysis

Competition / continuous competition monitoring

Conception and strategy development

Analysis of the current situation, derivation of recommendations for action

Achieve greater reach

Increase your website traffic

Spread your customer message and brand virally

Selection of suitable social networks

Identification of influencers

Setting up social media profiles

Development of social media channels and communities

Adaptation / updating of the social media channels for technical innovations

Optimization of existing social media profiles


Campaign management / campaign support

Creation of targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter

Ongoing support and optimization of your advertising campaigns

Facebook & Instagram Sweepstakes

Community Management / Dialogue Management

Creation of communication opportunities (surveys, discussions, feedback)

Customer communication / user support

follower management

Editorial support

Individual topic research

Research for relevant / divisible content from external sources

Creation of own content, storytelling (after consultation with you)

Creation of editorial plans

On request, graphic creation for individual channels (each platform has different requirements)

You can book our social media marketing services individually, put them together individually or use them as a complete package.

Communication is everything:

We will show you how to draw attention to yourself on the social web. Social networks are becoming more and more important – not only for private users, but also for companies.

Those who are not present and active on the social web will be overlooked in the long run. Companies that also want to draw attention to themselves on social media should tackle the topic of social media marketing. It is best to get the support of an experienced social media agency that will help you get the most out of your advertising budget and achieve your individual marketing goals.

We, the social marketing experts of Silahub Technologies, develop innovative and diverse social media concepts for you, with the help of which you can easily reach potential new and existing customers and use them as multipliers for your brand messages.

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Facebook Ads Has Revolutionised The Marketing World?

Utilize all the information you have about your target market to develop prospects that are prepared to make a purchase and become your clients.

With Facebook Advertising, you can run campaigns to raise brand awareness, boost interactions with your brand, increase traffic to your website or landing pages, collect leads using lead generation forms, advertise your app, promote your online store, or simply get prospects to call your phone number.

Few social media sites give businesses the versatility and range of targeting options as Facebook does. Facebook not only puts 2.964 billion within your immediate reach, but it also enables you to focus on your ideal prospects for the best outcomes.

To get the proper people to click, we monitor lead and sale conversions and continuously optimize the advertising strategy. One of Facebook advertising’s main advantages is that it is immediate and measurable, making it a crucial component of your total marketing mix of activities.

Why Should I Hire Silahub Technologies to Create My Ads?

Facebook ads need to be creative, on-brand, and relevant. We create ads that are catchy, on-brand, and effective. Facebook Ads that Produce Results results that make your business stand out from the rest. Ads that convert That’s what we do. 

How much does Facebook advertising cost in 2022?

Your Facebook advertising prices will be heavily influenced by your industry, campaign objective, and a variety of other factors. However, Facebook ads normally cost between $0.50 and $2.00 each click. The average cost per click (CPC) in Facebook advertisements across all industries, according to Wordstream, is $1.72.

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