Community management

We’ll show you how to manage your community and keep users happy! Social media marketing is already an integral part of the marketing mix at many companies.

Customers and fans on the social media sites expect dialogue with you and respectful and professional support, so simply creating profiles on social networks and posting the occasional post is insufficient for a successful social media strategy.. 

Why Community Management?

Community management ensures that you not only have a presence on social media, but that you really have a presence.

Depending on the scope of the social Web presence and the size of the community, community management can be very complex and time-consuming.

Silaub Technologies, your competent community management agency, supports you in all areas of user support and customer communication.

Professional community management with Silaub Technologies

 Do you lack the time and capacity to maintain your social media presence and support your community? With Silaub Technologies, you have a committed and reliable partner at your side who takes care of your users and customers and presents your company on social media websites from its best side.

  • Creation of new communication opportunities to increase reach (we initiate discussions, give users feedback, and ensure continuous interaction with surveys).
  • Customer communication on social media, user care, and support work.
  • Follower Management: We take care of your fans and followers and turn unique visitors into regular guests. 

In other words, we entertain, motivate, steer, advise, mentor, help, and support your community and ensure that your company, your brand, and your products remain in the conversation.

Would you like to keep creating new opportunities for communication with your existing fans and followers?

Then request a free, non-binding link marketing offer from us right away!

What exactly is community management? 

Community management is often equated with social media management, which is a mistake. because both areas cover different areas of responsibility. While social media management takes care of content provision, marketing campaigns, and building a fan base on the social Web, community management is responsible for looking after existing fans and customer communication. 

The aim is to build a relationship of trust with the users and to ensure that the users feel that they are in good hands and click on the page again. The prerequisites for this are a friendly and competent demeanor (behavior), fast response times, and active participation in the community.

Frequently ask questions
Why professional community management is so important for your company

As in a stationery store, customers also expect professional support and competent advice on social media platforms. It should be noted here that users are usually very impatient and expect an immediate response to inquiries. 53 percent of customers give you a maximum of one hour to reply, even on weekends.

In the case of complaints, the figure is even higher: 73%. It is therefore important to react quickly and communicate authentically at eye level. This is hardly possible without professional community management. 

The trick is balancing business interests with customer needs. Effective community management helps to maintain the community, strengthen customer loyalty, and improve your company’s online reputation.

Why is management necessary?

Management of communities is crucial for a number of reasons:
Retention of current clients. Community management is important for retaining current clients who are likely to interact with the brand again.

Attracting in new clients. Information moves quickly in communities, which is one of their key characteristics. As a result, good community management can encourage the recruitment of new members through word-of-mouth.

Improved brand recognition Community management places more emphasis on enhancing the brand’s long-term position by developing a reputation than on short-term benefits and boosting sales.

Why community management strategy

There are a few things that you need to do in order to have a successful community management strategy. First and foremost, you need to be on social media. You need to have an active Twitter and Facebook account, as well as an Instagram account if you have one.

You also need to make sure that your social media accounts are regularly updated. This means posting new content at least once a week, if not more often. Additionally, it is important to respond quickly to comments and messages on your social media accounts.

If someone posts something negative about your company on one of your social media accounts, for example, you should immediately respond and try to resolve the issue. Finally, it is important to engage with your audience. This means answering questions

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