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Get started with Facebook advertising to reach your target audience and achieve your marketing goals.

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The social network Facebook offers one of the most promising means of attracting attention on the Web. On the online platform, you can not only enter into dialogue with your customers, but you can also target potential new customers. Facebook advertising is becoming more and more popular. Thanks to the high reach, it is possible to bring your offers, products, and services closer to a wide audience.

In order to achieve marketing goals defined with Facebook advertising, a few things must be considered when creating and maintaining the advertising campaigns. Our experts for Facebook advertising will help you use your advertising budget efficiently and effectively. Together with you, Silahub social media specialists will develop advertising strategies that are perfectly tailored to your company and your target group.

Benefits of Facebook Ads

Facebook offers a lot of advertising potential that you shouldn’t miss out on. Regardless of whether you want to push individual postings, generate more clicks on your website, increase your conversions, or expand your fan base, Facebook advertising makes it possible. In addition, there are other decisions.

Advantages of Facebook advertising include:

  • Very high range
  • Precise target group addressing is possible thanks to various targeting options.
  • Low cost 
  • High flexibility in terms of  budgeting
  • High transparency and cost control
  • Accurate measurement of success

Placing successful Facebook advertising through Silahub Technologies

Let a professional and experienced social media marketing agency support you in placing your ads in order to exploit the full potential of Facebook advertising. Silahub Technologies is very familiar with the special features of the social network and the possibilities of Facebook ads. We help you to address your target group in a targeted manner without wasting resources and to realize your individual marketing goals.

What we do for you:

  • Together with you, we define your target group.
  • We select the appropriate ad types and formats.
  • We create and oversee your Facebook advertising campaign.
  • We support your budget allocation.
  • We optimize your Facebook advertising.
  • We measure and report regularly on the success of your campaigns.

Our goal is to make your company better known on Facebook and to arouse the interest of potential customers.

Would you like to benefit from individually tailored Facebook advertising and reduce costs?

Then request a free, non-binding link marketing offer from us right away!

Facebook Ads: Place promising ads on Facebook

Advertisements (Facebook ads) are an essential part of Facebook marketing. The world’s largest social network offers tons of options and functions for advertising. The exact definition of the target group is decisive for the success of an advertising campaign. Facebook provides you with a variety of targeting options for this purpose.

You can use the following selection criteria for your Facebook advertising:

  • Age and gender
  • Location (state, country, radius around a city)
  • Interests (areas of interest, hobbies)
  • Life Events/Categories (e.g., newlywed, long-distance relationship, recently moved)
  • Marital status/relationship status
  • Education and Work

There are different types of Facebook ads. The most common form of Facebook advertising is standard ads. These ads can be used to push and advertise specific Facebook pages, events, and websites, for example. Another option is “Page Post Ads,” which are used to promote content on the fan page. “Story Ads” can be used to promote user interactions. Depending on the advertisement, image-text ads, video ads, or survey ads can be placed.

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