Facebook Marketing

We aspire to deliver an effective and profitable Facebook marketing campaign for your brand.

  • To Grow Your Brand Awareness: With our domination strategy, we’ll build a strong brand image and sell your brand message across the globe. Using a narrative that will resonate with your ideal prospects.
  • To Increase Your Profitability: Our strategy is proven, hence our campaigns profitable.

Why Facebook Marketing?

Every year, companies like Samsung, Amazon, and even Microsoft spend millions on Facebook advertising. Guess what? These budgets are always going up. Not to surprise you, but Google also runs ads on Facebook.

Given that these well-known companies will only continue to invest in Facebook marketing if the results are positive, they can’t all be wrong.

Some facts about Facebook marketing

  • Approximately 2.934 billion of Facebook’s 1.968 billion monthly active users login every day.
  • The US has 210 million Facebook users.
  • According to reports, 26% of Facebook users who clicked on ads made purchases.
  • Facebook ads are used by a whopping 93% of social media advertisers.
  • Facebook is used by 79% of online adults.
  • To receive special deals, 42.2% of people like or follow a business page.
  • 57% of consumers claim that social media affects their purchasing decisions.

Despite all of this, Facebook continues to grow in importance and influence every day.

Our Facebook Marketing services at a glance

Our services use Facebook advertising campaigns to propel businesses forward in terms of profit and brand awareness.

Content Creation

Good content is key for social engagement, and in our team, we have seasoned content creators to push out lovable narratives of your brand’s message.

FB Page Setup Optimization

Customized your facebook page content based on keyword research and awesome user experience.

Engagement Pattern Analysis

Analyze which posts and campaigns are working well to get engagement.

Creative Design

Stunning design, intuitive web, and solutions to promote your brand.

Facebook Advertising

Utilize Facebook ad campaigns to reach out to new customers based on their interests and demographics.

Targeting and Segmentation

To get better brand position to target specific customers’ needs.

Competitive Intelligence

Information available and learn from your competitors to boost your conversion and profitability by giving you an edge over them.

Monthly ROI Tracking Report

Track performance; deploy updates and optimizations in real time.

matthew sunday founder at silahub technologies

We are a Facebook Marketing Agency with all the necessary expertise & skills to ensure a successful Facebook marketing campaign implementation for your company.

We will help you to increase your visibility and promote your unique content in all the major digital websites. We satisfied various clients across the globe and we have been appreciated by utilizing our prompt website ranking strategies, instant yet successful results and unmatched determination to go beyond the client’s expectations. Should you have any questions, please let us know.

Matthew Sunday

Your advantages:

Communicate authentically and directly with your target group

Increase awareness of your brand

Act where your customers are – on social media

Image building  through authentic content

Large reach  for targeted advertising

What do we offer?

Personal social media consultants with a feel for your target group

Many years of experience and passion  for social media

Suitable concepts for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Co.

Content with added value for your target group

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Talk to your customers via Facebook marketing and get to know the interests of your target group!

Facebook is and will remain an important tool for online marketing. Because with the right strategy, the world’s largest social network can help you be permanently successful on the web. Strengthening of the brand and customer loyalty as well as image enhancement and a high reach are just some of the advantages that you can achieve with successful Facebook marketing.

Our experienced social media experts and Facebook specialists will help you to achieve your individual marketing goals.  We will show you how to increase loyalty to your company, make your products better known, and turn your customers into brand ambassadors. Trust in our great expertise in the field of social media marketing. In close collaboration with you, we develop the perfect Facebook marketing strategy for your company.

Reasons why more businesses are turning to Facebook marketing:

  • With the help of the network, trust in customers can be built up, customer loyalty strengthened, and new customers won.
  • Facebook marketing is possible at a low cost.
  • Facebook can be used as an additional advertising channel.
  • New company information can be quickly announced on the platform
  • You will learn more about the interests and wishes of your target group.
  • You benefit from a high reach and can turn your customers and Facebook fans into brand ambassadors
  • Facebook marketing can increase your website traffic.

Silahub Technologies: Your Reliable Facebook Marketing Agency

Successful Facebook marketing requires good planning. In addition, you need an effective and original Facebook marketing strategy to achieve your desired marketing goals. However, one-off planning and strategy development is far from enough. The continuous maintenance of your account and regular interaction with your customers and fans are the be-all and end-all of your successful Facebook marketing campaign. 

Silahub Technologies accompanies you in all steps that are necessary for your successful appearance on social networks. In addition, we give you valuable Facebook marketing tips to take with you.

Our Facebook marketing services include:

  • The development and creation of Facebook marketing strategies and concepts
  • Setting up, customizing, and optimizing your Facebook profile
  • Editorial support (topic research, creation of own content, editorial plan)
  • Community management and user support
  • Creation, support, and optimization of targeted advertising campaigns, as well as the planning and implementation of sweepstakes
Frequently ask question
What is Facebook marketing?

Commonly, Facebook marketing is used by brands: electronics, home goods, restaurants—nearly any kind of brand can be promoted through Facebook, turning passive customers into active fans who follow news of promotions and developments and who share with their own friends.

Why should Silahub Technologies manage my Facebook advertising?

Conducting effective and profitable Facebook marketing campaigns requires large amounts of time and expertise. This expertise is what we provide to give your brand a massive ROI in your marketing campaigns.

Which device is the customer converting to?

We target and reach your ideal prospects, whether on mobile or the web.

Who or what can I target with Facebook marketing?

With the very flexible targeting options Facebook advertising offers, we can target ideal prospects that are likely to be interested in your brand’s message. As a result, the conversion is easier and the campaigns are profitable.

What is the cost of Facebook marketing?

The actual cost is determined by the number of daily ad slots set for each campaign. And this depends on how far we are willing to take your brand.

What’s a good budget for Facebook Advertising?

There is no right or wrong response because it depends on the circumstances. First, we conduct an intensive consultation session with our clients to determine the best strategy to implement and, therefore, the ideal ad budget per campaign.

Do you offer Facebook marketing consultations?

Yes, we do. We offer intensive consultations for free to our clients. This helps us know the best way to help them.

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