Instagram advertising

With Instagram advertising, your business gets the visibility it deserves – and the conversions you need.

More traffic and conversions thanks to original Instagram ads

The Facebook subsidiary Instagram offers companies numerous advertising opportunities. Globally, the Instagram advertising offer was initially reserved for selected advertising partners. However, companies of all sizes can now advertise on Instagram.

As an experienced social media agency, Silahub Technologies is available to advise you on all questions relating to Instagram advertising. We support you in the development of target group-specific advertising strategies and help you to have a professional and successful advertising presence on Instagram.

Let the professionals help you run ads on Instagram.

As an experienced social media agency, we know exactly what is important in a good social marketing strategy. Our Instagram experts will answer all your questions about your Instagram advertising campaign.

We would be happy to develop an individual advertising strategy for your company, create an Instagram account for you, or help you with campaign optimization.

Benefit from our great expertise in the field of social media marketing and the original ideas and concepts of our Instagram advertising specialists. Silahub Technologies not only works professionally and reliably, but also with great attention to detail.

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How does Instagram advertising work?

Instagram ads can be created using the Ads Create Tool, the Power Editor, or Facebook’s Ads API. Instagram ads appear in users’ feeds alongside pictures of friends and other people they follow. The ad can be displayed in landscape or square format. All ads have a “Sponsored” icon in the top right corner. A call to action button is placed under the image.

A Facebook ad account is required to advertise on Instagram. An Instagram account is not necessary, but is recommended.

The following marketing goals can be achieved with Instagram advertising:

  • Traffic generation for your own website (“clicks to website”)
  • Increase in mobile app installations (“app installs”)
  • Video  Views

The following ad formats are available for ad placement:

  • App Install and Photo Ads: To generate website traffic and market apps
  • Carousel Ads: For intensive storytelling using a series of images
  • Video Ads: To convey the customer message using moving image ads
  • Marquee campaigns: For guaranteed top placements and high coverage

Precise target group addressing is possible thanks to numerous targeting options.

With Instagram advertising, you also have the option of precisely defining your target group and thus minimizing the risk of waste. Since Instagram and Facebook use the same ad system, Instagram has the same targeting options as the parent network. Another advantage: You can use Facebook user data for targeting. This ensures that Instagram advertising can be perfectly tailored to the user and is only displayed in the feed if it is relevant to the user.

What opportunities does Instagram advertising create for your company?

With Instagram advertising, you have the opportunity to bring your company and your products and services closer to a wide audience and to attract attention. Instagram advertising can not only have a positive effect on branding, but can also be used to increase traffic and conversions. A significant advantage for you results from the targeted imagery. With visual ads on Instagram, you can tell your stories to your customers and engage them emotionally.

Instagram Ads Inspire with powerful images

Then request a free, non-binding link marketing offer from us right away!


Inspire with powerful images

You can reach a younger target group with visual content via Instagram ads. The platform offers a variety of opportunities for advertisers. Along with ads in the image feed, Instagram Stories are an attractive space for your brand. We will find out for you what works best for your goals.

Targeting like Facebook

For advertisements on Instagram, the same countless filter options can be used to address the target group as on Facebook. From demographic data to interests and behavior, the ads can be played out precisely. Campaigns on both channels can be combined and run together, making them even more effective.

Instagram Stories

Stories are trending! The attention of the user is extremely high in the short sequences. In between, we place an advertisement for your brand. This can hardly be distinguished from the subscribed content and is displayed full screen on the smartphone. With “Swipe up” (swipe up), we send the user directly to your website or landing page or to Messenger.

Convince in just a few seconds

Instagram is a fast medium. We help to package your message in such a way that your customer immediately understands what it is about. We use all possible formats. We start with a choice of multiple versions and shift the budget to where it works best.

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