Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing is one of the fastest-growing social networks. Similar to Instagram, users also share visual content on Pinterest.

  • Find inspiration for your business ideas on Pinterest. Our team of experienced professionals will help you get the most out of this social network.
  • See what other businesses are doing and how they’re using Pinterest to grow their business.

Why Pinterest marketing strategy?

Address users emotionally and increase website traffic with the right Pinterest marketing strategy.

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social networks. Similar to Instagram, users also share visual content on Pinterest. Pinterest marketing is already an integral part of the social media strategy of many companies. Especially when introducing new products or image campaigns, it makes sense to get active on Pinterest.

But Pinterest marketing can also be used to strengthen customer loyalty. The be-all and end-all here are appealing, high-quality, beautiful pictures that arouse the interest of the user and encourage sharing and liking. Is Pinterest new territory for you? Use the great expertise of Silahub Technologies to develop and implement your individual Pinterest marketing strategy.

Silahub Technologies: Your Professional Contact For Pinterest Marketing

Do you have high-quality image material on your site that you would like to distribute?

Are you planning a product launch and would like to announce it on social networks? Would you like to increase your website traffic, reach more users, and intensify the relationship with your customers? Silahub Technologies will help you with professional and appealing Pinterest marketing measures.

Our services:

  • Conception and strategy development
  • Setup/optimization of the Pinterest profile
  • Editorial support
  • community management

Would you like to use Pinterest as a marketing channel to increase reach and traffic?

Then request a free, non-binding link marketing offer from us right away!

The Special Thing About Pinterest

Pinterest is a social network and online scrapbook rolled into one. On Pinterest, users have the opportunity to share finds from the Web and their own content. The PINs are usually images, but videos and animated GIFs are also possible. Images and videos can be sorted into specific topic boards (pinboards). The boards can be subscribed to by other users. This way, new pins from the board get into the streams of other pinners.

Users have the option of liking, commenting, or repinning pins. So-called “repinning” is of great importance on Pinterest. Popular pins can quickly achieve a high reach. Unlike other social networks, Pinterest is used less for self-expression. Rather, Pinterest serves to pursue one’s own passion for collecting. Your own Pinterest profile is not only a large picture album but also a kind of link collection. Pinterest offers brands and companies special business accounts.

Use Pinterest as a marketing channel.

More and more companies are using Pinterest as a marketing channel to increase reach and traffic. According to the network, the number of users worldwide is around 100 million. A majority of Pinterest users are female. However, this does not mean that only companies with a female target group benefit from Pinterest marketing. Pinterest marketing can be worthwhile for all products that are to be advertised on an emotional level. The visual bookmarking platform is particularly popular with e-commerce businesses. But all other companies that have access to high-quality photo material should also use Pinterest for marketing purposes. But how can one’s own content be distributed?

Pin it button

The button is integrated into your own website using a code provided by Pinterest. With the Pin It button, users have the option of saving website content on their own pinboard. This not only allows for faster content distribution on the network, but it also creates a backlink with each pin.

Rich pins

Rich Pins can be used, among other things, to increase the number of engagements and increase visibility in the SERPs. To create Rich Pins (Product, Place, Article, Recipe, or Movie Pins), the website must be metatagged and the publication requested.

Pinterest Advertising with Promoted Pins

Pinterest would also like to offer all companies the opportunity to place advertising there in the future. Since 2014, US companies have been able to book fee-based Promoted Pins. These differ significantly from traditional pop-ups and banners. because they flow seamlessly into the displayed content and are not perceived as advertising at first glance. Pinterest ads can be booked for specific search queries and categories.

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