Social media monitoring

There are a few different types of social media monitoring that businesses can use to keep up with trends and user behavior. Some popular options include:

  • Twitter Monitoring: This service allows you to track the tweets of specific users, keywords, or topics. You can also see how often these tweets are being retweeted and liked.
  • Facebook Monitoring: Similar to Twitter, Facebook allows you to track the posts and pages of specific users as well as search for keywords. You can also see how many people have clicked on each post, shared it, or liked it.
  • Google Analytics for Social Media: This tool is used to measure website traffic by tracking social media referrals (links from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter).

Recognize trends and user behavior with social monitoring and react quickly

Would you like to know what your users are interested in, whether your social media campaigns are successful, and how active your competitors are on the social Web? Then there is no way around social media monitoring. Silahub Technologies, your experienced and professional social media agency, monitors, measures, and analyzes all social media data relevant to you.

We not only provide you with figures, but also recommendations for action for your successful, wide-reaching, and goal-oriented social media presence. For the precise evaluation of your social media campaigns, our experienced online marketing specialists use various social media monitoring tools, which enable the data to be processed quickly and precisely.

Benefits of social media monitoring:

You can quickly get an overview of how people are talking about your company, your brand, or your products on different networks.

  • You quickly notice when a crisis situation is imminent.
  • You can take advantage of communication opportunities and take part in discussions.
  • You get a comprehensive picture of your corporate image on social media.
  • You recognize positive or negative developments in good time and can react to them accordingly.
  • You can check which marketing goals have been achieved.

Would you like to know what interests your users and react quickly to current trends?

Then request a free, non-binding link marketing offer from us right away!

What is social media monitoring?

The term “social media monitoring” refers to the identification, observation, and analysis of user-generated content on social networks. In particular, information and user profiles that are interesting and relevant to your company are examined and evaluated.

The aim is to give you an overview of current opinions, topics, criticism, successes, etc. Since social media monitoring takes place continuously, crisis situations can be recognized quickly and appropriate countermeasures can be initiated. With the help of special social media marketing tools, all important information about your channels can be determined.

Social monitoring provides you with important information for your company.

To measure the success of your social media campaigns, the social media experts at Silahub Technologies observe and analyze your appearances on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and co.

Your advantage: You can identify trends at an early stage and optimize your campaigns accordingly, reaching your target audience at the right time. All the data that is important to you is clearly presented in a detailed report. With the help of professional social media monitoring, you will learn, among other things:

  • Which users interact with your company or brand on the social networks
  • How high your fan growth is and on which pages your fans are particularly active
  • Who are your most active supporters or critics (influencer analysis)
  • What effects were achieved with the various campaigns
  • How users reacted to certain posts (was there a website visit, a conversion, etc.)
  • Which ranges were achieved with your campaigns

In addition, you will get to know the interests of your community better and adapt your social media marketing strategy accordingly. We will show you which topics are particularly relevant for your target group and what your competitors’ social media presence looks like.

Keep track of the strengths and weaknesses of your social media campaigns and request a free, non-binding social media monitoring offer today!

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