Success-oriented goals Silahub social media strategy.

We use the entire digital toolbox to reach, engage, and move people. We are all too familiar with the capabilities of social networks—but social media can be so much more.


We show the way.

More and more companies rely on social media for their communication. However, this only works if you are clear from the start about which goals you want to achieve with which measures and via which channels. Different tactics are appropriate depending on the brand. So it’s good to have an experienced social media agency as a partner…

Analysis as a basis

We examine the current situation of the company and the competitors at the start of all activities. At least as important is who is to be reached via social media. What are the target groups talking about now and which topics are they interested in? Your own communication must be clearly located and match the brand and business strategy. This includes your own tonality, which, when compared to traditional modes of communication, stands out. 


The right framework

Important problems for businesses arise when they enter the world of social media in particular: who is responsible for what? What resources are required for day-to-day operations? We assist in the establishment of required processes as well as the creation of social media standards and governance concepts to ensure that every employee is on board.

Content form

For a successful entry into social media, it is important to plan content systematically and to be clear about its benefits. This is the only way to continuously measure your own results and adjust them if necessary. This also means that we critically question what works and what doesn’t. But it’s not just the content that matters; the network, posting frequency, and dispersion measurements within the target demographic are also crucial.


In tune with the times

Continuous optimisation of the strategy is essential because the world of social media is extremely fast-paced. We know all the new trends and features that give our customers a distinct advantage over their competitors. And we have a feel for how the web ticks in order to react early to changes in the use and perception of social media. So you are always on the safe side.

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