Twitter Advertising

Get ahead of your competition with Twitter marketing! Get started with Twitter marketing today!

  • Twitter advertising allows companies to reach a large audience quickly and cheaply.
  • With Twitter ads, you can target users based on their interests, demographics, and behavior.

Advertise successfully on Twitter

Both small and large companies use Twitter as a marketing platform for customer communication, increasing reach, detecting new trends, and increasing awareness. And the topic of Twitter advertising is also becoming increasingly important. Companies can use Twitter ads to supplement their online marketing efforts.

Place your advertising messages in the users’ timelines and inspire potential customers, existing customers, and interested parties with your products and your company. Silahub Technologies supports you in planning and implementing your Twitter ads. Our social media experts create campaigns for you that are precisely tailored to your target group and your marketing goals.

Silahub Technologies offers professional advertising on Twitter.

With original and well-planned Twitter advertising, we help you reach new and existing customers. Before we get started, we analyze your target group, competitors, and relevant influencers. This is followed by the planning and implementation of your Twitter advertising strategy. The progress and success of the advertising measures are clearly presented to you in a comprehensive report.

Our services in the field of Twitter advertising:

  • Conception and strategy development (target group analysis, competition analysis, identification of influencers)
  • Setting up the Twitter account (building communities, optimizing the profile)
  • Editorial support (topic research, content creation, development of editorial plans, graphic design)
  • Community management (creation of communication opportunities, customer communication, user support, follower management)
  • Campaign management (creation, optimization, and support of Twitter advertising campaigns)

Inspire your target group with varied content, appealing ads, and unbeatable offers. Silahub Technologies, your experienced Twitter agency, will help you with all matters relating to Twitter advertising.

Would you like to expand your own community and generate traffic for your website?

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Marketing goals that can be realized with Twitter advertising

As with any advertising campaign, the exact marketing goals for Twitter ads should be defined in advance. Possible campaign goals that are available on Twitter are:

  • Followers: expand your own community
  • Website clicks or conversions: generate more traffic for your own site
  • Tweet engagements: Stimulate conversations and trigger reactions like retweets.
  • App installations: Awaken users’ interest in certain apps
  • Twitter Leads: Generating Email Addresses

Twitter advertising opportunities for businesses

US companies have been able to advertise on Twitter since 2012. The advertising program of the short message service was initially reserved for selected companies. Since February 2015, small and medium-sized companies in other countries have also been able to advertise on Twitter. The following advertising formats are available:

Promoted Tweets

promoted short messages that appear not only in followers’ timelines but also in the timelines of users with a similar profile or users who made a specific search query or clicked on hashtags contained in the promoted tweet.

Promoted hashtags

Here not only individual tweets are advertised, but all messages to a certain trend.

Promoted Accounts

Profiles are specifically promoted by Twitter. A payment is made for each follower gained.

Depending on the defined marketing goals, Twitter automatically selects the most suitable advertising format.

Twitter Advertising: Audience Analysis and Targeting

Twitter offers its advertisers numerous targeting options that help to address the right audience. Possible targeting options include location, gender, devices, operating system, mobile operator, and user interests. In addition, the ads can be made even more relevant if users are included in the target group by using certain keywords in their tweets.

Payment is only made when users become followers, the Twitter ad is clicked on, retweeted, or the tweet is replied to. There is no minimum amount.

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