Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a promotion or marketing on a social network.

Here are some common problems with SMM and how to solve them.

1. Lack of sales.


The most common complaint about SMM promotion is the lack of direct sales. The idea that investing in brand development on social networks does not bring results – is wrong, if you really expect sales on social networks after the first post, then you will be disappointed. The fact is that the main goal in social media is to attract attention to your brand, presentation, building trust, bringing traffic to the site, “heating up” the customer before buying, retaining the customer after the first deal. In this way, the social network reduces the cost of conversion for you and increases the possibility of resale.

2. Our publication do not stand out from the others.

Solution: Add imagination and creativity.

Behind every successful advertising campaign hides hard work and many ideas, consistent steps to the goal. You need an SMM strategy.
First of all, determine your target audience, and focus on their preferences. Second, the strategy should cover certain formats of communication (live broadcasts, posts, jokes, promotional videos, video reviews).
Third, analyze the reaction of your audience to your activities on social networks. Over time, your account will develop its own individual style, which will conquer a loyal audience, will be familiar and interesting to them. Your posts will not go unnoticed.

3. The topic is not suitable for social networks

Solution: Find a way to serve.

Indeed, not every topic is suitable for any social network. The question is different! You must review the failing method! View goals that you would like to achieve with SMM. Each “boring” topic can be interpreted into interesting content. For example, who would be interested in making paper? Present it in a different light! Show the incredible application, works of art that are necessarily made of paper, its creative application, design, products that you are proud of, the products that you produce, and your customers.

You have the opportunity to introduce the audience to your brand:

4. Lack of time to communicate on social networks

The solution is to find qualified people for the job.

Many organizations use social networks as a way to get feedback, to provide answers to all questions that arise in consumers. And of course such work requires a lot of time and money. And this is your strength, if they react to you, they want to communicate with you – then you are on the right path. Your Audience will bring you expected sales, positive feedback and recommendations, and repeat deals. 


What do we offer?

One of the most effective types of online advertising, characterized by rapid and dynamic development, growing their popularity. SMM manager is always aware of all the innovations and marketing methods. Trends are changing, sales on social networks are growing every day, advertising on social networks has a wide range of settings, including filtering by geotargeting, age, gender, interests, the field of activity and preferences. Our SMM team provides brand promotion services in the most popular social networks worldwide and geo-location basis using SMM toolsCreated pages, groups, or communities will represent your brand, company, services, or your unique product at a high level.

You will receive:

✔️ Trust in the brand
✔️ Communication with potential customers
✔️ Creating a customer database
✔️ Increasing sales
✔️ Forming your own audience
✔️ Recognition, branding
✔️ Getting feedback
✔️ Increasing traffic to the site
✔️ Developing an SMM strategy for business.

Based on the analysis of the niche and your potential audience, we will develop a strategy for the development of your profile, which will include:

Facebook smm promotion

Facebook smm promotion

We provide services for comprehensive promotion, SMM strategy development,  Facebook advertising in the most popular social network in the world.

Network features:

Instagram smm promotion

smm Instagram

Thousands of posts, photos spiced with hashtags and reposts help young and confident companies and brands to reach their users today. Silahub Technologies web studio provides services for the promotion and sale of goods on Instagram. We know how to promote Instagram.

Features of promotion in instagram:

Result from SMM

Marketing on social networks is relevant for small, medium and large businesses. Social platforms help reach the most remote customer. The main advantage is the unobtrusive impact on the client with minimal time and money – unlimited possibilities, a large arsenal of popular social networks.

Our SMM-specialists at Silahub Technologies work in the most popular social networks of our times and geo-location plays a vital role on which of the networks your targetted audience use more often. We will create a unique effective promotion strategy for your product or service. Given the characteristics of each of the sites in the development of an individual plan for SMM-promotion. We implement the SMM strategy and improve the brand image, increase sales, and increase traffic to your site. Therefore we recommend ordering SMM from us!

Achieving your goals is our goal!