Silahub Digital Marketing Profit-Forecasting & Simulation Tool.
Mock-Up Marketing Ideas. Simulate Traffic. See The Potential. 

What Is A Funnel Simulator?

A Funnel Simulator let's you quickly model & simulate the potential profit of any sales or marketing funnel or business idea BEFORE you create landing pages or buy traffic - which saves you time & money. Silahub Funnel Simulator, takes the guesswork out of planning profit-optimized funnels & helps avoid costly marketing mistakes.


Two Fast Ways To Create Your Funnel Simulation

Add Products

What are you going to sell? Is it a new or existing product? Add all your products, services, and offers to Simulation including important details such as Product Cost, Price Type, and Stick Rate to start putting you plan together

Map Your Funnel

Fill in the blanks to create an interactive marketing funnel map. Or re-design a current funnel to increase profits and results. Our Simulation makes beautiful funnel maps (simple or complex) quickly and easily.

Simulate Traffic

Simulate real traffic campaigns with your new marketing funnel and determine your profit before you build any pages or pay for traffic. Or take an existing funnel and model "What If" traffic-scenarios to improve, scale and grow.

Plan Your Next Big Online Business Idea OR Optimize & Scale Your Existing Business

Quickly & easily make visual diagrams of any Marketing Funnel. Yes/No pathways, follow-up communications, and more. Create a Funnel Map from scratch or use one of our many industry-specific pre-made Blueprint Projects to save you time.

The real ‘magic’ behind Silahub Simulation Tool is how it will automatically calculate potential revenue, profit, ROI, and other metrics from any Funnel Simulation you create. Make any change… presto. Silahub Simulation Tool instantly shows you the new numbers.

Silahub Simulation Tool let’s you enter hypothetical Funnel data & settings OR you can enter actual data from an existing Funnel or Business you might have — or you can use a combination of BOTH for planning purposes.

Silahub Simulation Tool is a fantastic tool for our marketing agency. We can ‘show’ our clients what we plan to build for them as well as some of the potential results! You can also use our simulation each step of the way that you work with your clients by visually showing then what’s been done so far and what is planned.

Silahub Simulation Tool let’s us run powerful reports for any Funnel Simulation you create (or for Blueprint Projects). Quickly create a “Summary Overview” of any project, as well as dynamic reports such as our “Traffic Reinvestment” report that lets you enter what % of your profit you will reinvest in more traffic, and then our simulation will show you how your business will grow!

Silahub Simulation Tool contains an ever-growing Blueprint Library of pre-made Funnel Simulations that you can quickly duplicate for your own use. You’ll find Blueprints for InfoProducts, eCommerce Products, Agency Services, Lead Generation Campaigns, Book Promotions, Webinars, and much, much more!


Here's our process for placing you boldly in the spotlight everywhere your audience pays attention:

Silahub Digital Marketing Profit-Forecasting & Simulation Tool

We use Silahub Simulation Tool to create stunning marketing proposals. “Show” a prospective client what we plan to build for them. Not only can we show new clients the VISUAL funnel map of what we plan to do for them, but with Silahub Simulation Tool we can also show them some potential numbers to help them understand how they can achieve a positive ROI — and how we plan to help them scale & grow their business. we'll also want to use Silahub Simulation Tool to service our clients. Add more value by showing them how progress is coming along with a virtual model of their marketing. We can also use Silahub Simulation Tool to display the actual results you are getting so far, as well as ‘goal’ related hypothetical numbers for what you hope to achieve for them. Our Agency rely on Silahub Simulation Tool to help them get more clients and service them better. Use Silahub Simulation Tool as our secret weapon... to get an ‘edge’ over your competitors that have no visual simulations or models to show their clients.


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